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How to score 79+ PTE Academic in a week

Score 79+ in PTE – first attempt

I got PTE overall score of 85 in first attempt itself after preparing for a week. Here is my score sheet for reference to prove my claim:

PTE English Overall high score 85 first attempt

I searched internet content extensively and have finally created these notes that helped me get 85 points in PTE in my very first attempt.

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IELTS vs PTE? – My opinion on which one is easier to score maximum points for Australia’s skilled migration after giving IELTS twice (and failing to score more than 7 in all) and PTE once (proof above).
79+ PTE score gets you 20 points in Australia’s skill based Permanent residency application.

I have embedded these videos here after watching them carefully and analyzing the content quality.

You do not need to go anywhere else if you just watch them and learn the tricks (and cheat sheets) mentioned.
If you just go through them, you will be able to score 79+ in each PTE academic module like reading, listening, writing and speaking.

PTE Image description tips and tricks for 79+ score

6-7 images questions – Aim to speak for 35 seconds. Total time is 40 sec

If no idea about what is shown, just read the words from the image and keep speaking.
Try to avoid Y axis completely unless, it looks easy at first glance. Best training video for Image questions from

PTE Academic – image description – tried and tested method – Cheat Sheet

  1. Introduction (use 10 sec) – This image represents TITLE + X Axis
  2. Key features (use 20 sec) – Just KEEP it SIMPLE.
    Describe the MAX/Min to maintain fluency and time limit.
    Avoid hesitation. Stay calm.
    Keep the sentence going on. Don’t re-start sentence.
    Read words from the image.
  3. Conclusion (5-6 sec) – SINGLE SENTENCE
    Overall, say the conclusion.
    DON’T worry even if you say the wrong conclusion. It does not matter.
    Oral fluency is judged.
    Don’t STOP and don’t restart sentence.

PTE Repeat sentence Tried and tested tricks for 79+ score

10-12 sentence repetition

PTE Academic Repeat sentence – tried and tested method – Cheat Sheet

  1. Listen to phrases. Divide it into 3-4 phrases.
  2. Understand the content.
  3. Repeat with intonation (raise voice at important words, lower voice at end of sentence) and meaning.

PTE RETELL Lecture tips and tricks

3-4 lectures
Take notes. Note keywords. Get idea about the whole topic.

PTE Retell Lecture Cheat Sheet

Just use the sentences in BOLD as it is and then the words from what you heard.

  1. The speaker was discussing TOPIC
  2. FIRSTLY, he mentioned KEYWORD 1
  3. He THEN talked about KEYWORD 2
  4. IN ADDITION, He discussed KEYWORD 3
  5. He described KEYWORD 4
  6. FINALLY, He suggested KEYWORD 5

PTE Listening: Write from dictation or Summarize Spoken Text

Runs for 60-90 seconds, 2-3 dictations/lectures
50-70 words, 10 minute TOTAL time. You get about 8-9 minute for writing after listening to lecture.

Similar to Re-tell lecture except that you have to write here than speaking. Try to write between 65-70 words to get maximum marks on content.
Take notes and UNDERSTAND the dictation/ spoken lecture. Multiple sentences are allowed.

PTE summarize spoken text (Same as Re-tell lecture) – Cheat Sheet

  1. The speaker was discussing TOPIC
  2. FIRSTLY, he mentioned KEYWORD 1
  3. He THEN talked about KEYWORD 2
  4. IN ADDITION, He discussed KEYWORD 3
  5. He described KEYWORD 4
  6. FINALLY, He suggested KEYWORD 5

PTE Academic Write Essay Tricks

200-300 words, 220-250 words is ideal

PTE essay writing for 79+ score cheat Sheet- Excellent strategy

Divide the whole essay into 4 parts:
1. Introduction
2. Paragraph 1 – Side 1
3. Paragraph 2 – Side 2
4. Conclusion

Next step is to further sub-divide the essay sections into each sentence as shown in the image. Watch the video above for excellent explanation.

This is screen shot from Jay’s E2 language Essay video.

Thanks to E2 Learning and Jay

All thanks to for providing valuable tips for PTE english exam online for FREE.
I did not enroll in any of their paid programs. Just their video tutorials and mock-up tests online on YouTube channel are good enough.

Jay from E2 Learning is awesome :slight_smile:
His methods for cracking each type of PTE question are just un-beatable.
It can’t go wrong if you follow it by heart.

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  • Hello Anil,

    First of all, congratulations on scoring 79+ in PTE and I wish you all the very best. I have given PTE twice and I am lagging in the sections other than the Speaking. in both the attempts I had scored 79+ but other sections. I have observed myself that I was completely nervous during the test as I speak too fast in speaking section which is affecting the subsequent sections. I need your few minutes of time to clarify my myths can you please call me at NUMBER DELETED at your free time.

    • Hi Pavan,
      Sorry, but I cannot call. if you have any questions, you can ask them here itself. I will answer to the best of my knowledge.
      Aslo, i suggest to not share your phone number publicly. It invites SPAM calls.
      I will edit your comment and delete your phone number for your safety.

      On the points question, the things listed above are my notes and that's all i studied and prepared for the exam. I agree that exam format is a bit weird and it does make one nervous. I was nervous too. And I did miss and incorrectly spoke couple of 'repeat sentences'.
      I have shared that experience in a separate post here:

  • Great article and very useful information, Thanks.

    I have an average English and I want to try the PTE academic (after trying IELTS general) but I'm little bit afraid of the academic content. What I understood is that you have more room to make mistakes in PTE than you have in IELTS.

    In IELTS reading to get 7 you have to answer 34 out of 40 questions correctly which is 85% ! but to get 65 in PTE does it mean you have to answer 72% correctly? (65/90)

    I just want to understands how the scoring in PTE works in terms of the total number of points, does the 90 score means 90 points collected? I mean does the total points for any section equal to 90 points?

    • The way you have written this comment, i can easily say that you have good English writing skills to get highest marks in PTE.

      You just have to speak and write in same way that you have written this comment.

      PTE scoring is not straightforward as IELTS. Each question in PTE may be testing more than one area. For example, There are question when you have to listen to a speech and then write it down. So, one question will contribute to both listening and writing score.

      PTE as a test is difficult than IELTS. But, i still say it is easy to score as it is computer based and no human scoring bias is involved.
      I have written about my experience between IELTS (attempted twice) and PTE (attempted once) here:

      • Anil, your post was the main reason I switched from IELTS to PTE and I'm so glad I did. I've been able to get my target score at the first attempt :) I can't thank you enough for this, every word you wrote found to be 100% true!

        • That's awesome news. I am glad it helped you.
          So, what is your next step? Are you looking at filing Australia PR application or something else?

  • Hi Anil,

    Thanks for making this post.

    My reading from my surrounding test takers, is, all are getting their desired score in the first attempt who had studied in English medium in school, in contrast rest are finding struggle in getting score if they studied in Hindi or in a native language. May I know if your schooling was in English or other language? Do you agree with this insight?


    • My schooling was in English medium school. I am not sure if that will make any big difference to the score.
      If one has done graduation in English, then, one should have got that kind of English speaking skills to pass this test.

  • Hi Anil,

    Congrats on getting the required PTE score.

    I'm a native English speaker but my English in general isn't amazing. What I'm really concerned about it the Retell Lecture and Describe picture. I'm terrible at listening to someone speak and making notes at the same time. This is also the case when looking at a picture and trying to come up with stuff on the fly (I just really suck at it).

    When I retell a lecture does the content need to be on topic or can I just mention a few key words that were in the lecture and make up the rest?

  • Hi Anil,

    Thank you for such a great post. I have been using these tips to study for my PTE which is coming up soon. I have already taken the IELTS twice and have been in the 8-8.5 band, but need 8.5 in all the modules. I came across PTE and have decided to give it a go to get the score I need. I will re-post again once I get my scores. Thanks again for all these wonderful tips.



    • The repeat sentences were of varying lengths. Some pretty small, then medium and them multi part long sentence.
      You have to break long sentence into parts to remember it.
      Just close eyes to concentrate, listen and repeat.

      • Thank you sir for the response! I'm taking the PTE-A on the 27th. I'm just anxious on this section and level of difficulty of the entire exam.

        • Don't worrry about the exam.
          When giving the exam, you might feel it's difficult than IELTS as the computer clok keeps ticking and you don't get time to think about mistakes.

          But, if you keep calm and just keep going with flow and use the methods mentioned above, you will top the exam easily.
          When you come out of exam, you will feel as you did not do well. But if you see the result later, you will be amazed if you have followed the exact methods.

  • Hello Anil,

    I did my PTE yesterday and I got my scores today: L-90, R-90, S-88 and W-90 with an overall score of 90. Thank you again for such a great post, your methods and that of Jay's from e2language is all I needed to get the above score in my first attempt. Also, like you said, though this test seems to be a lot tougher than IELTS, because of the scoring algorithm of the computer you end up with scores better than your expectations. I did mess up quite a few times, especially in speaking but the scores were a relief. The strategies mentioned here absolutely work.

    Thank you,



  • Hi Anil,

    I have attempted the PTE twice and could not score 79+ in all, fell short of 1-2 points in writing and listening. You mentioned that you have gone through e2Language without subscribing a paid course and I did the same in my first and second attempt. Do you suggest that I subscribe for their paid "Bronze" or "Silver" package to really break it through ? Please do share any other strategies, besides the ones listed above.

    • If you are finding it difficult to score high with above methods, then, yes, it might be useful to get the paid subscription from E2language.

      They check and pin point your mistakes with paid subscription. That will certainly help you.

  • Hii Anil..
    Duration of my graduation course was from 2007-11, but because of back logs i completed it in 2014. I am working since 2011 in the same field i studied. So, my experience will be calculated from 2011 or from 2014 the year i passed my graduation.

    • I am assuming you are talking about Australia PR. I think your experience will be calculated after you finally passed your graduation.

  • Hi Anil,

    I gave PTE twice but got exactly same score of 60 in speaking- overall score of 70 but speaking stuck at 60. Can you please guide what exactly can I do for speaking section before I plan for the test again.


    • Its difficult to find the problem area without knowing the details.
      You can opt for E2learning's guided course to see where you are making mistakes.

      • Ok- would I be able to opt for guided learning course, what is the duration and fee structure like- am unable to search it on website?

          • E2 Learning ( is a separate company and is not affiliated with am22tech in any way.
            I have just shared their content and reference as I reviewed it and found it really good.

            You should go to E2Learning Australia's website and buy or find content that you want to use.
            Let me know if you need more information.

  • Hi Anil,

    Thanks for this Post. I can tell you that it simplified my approach to PTE-A preparation and introduced me to Jay's excellent e2language PTE-A preparation videos.

    I got the desired marks. I encourage anyone giving PTE to pay and take mock exams as it is vital in preparing oneself for the real exam.

    Best wishes

  • Hello Anil,

    Thanks for your posting.I do not see the best approach for fill in the blanks in your postings.How difficult they are in real exam ? Is Oxford and Cambridge natural language collocations going to help ? Also please share your thoughts/best source for answer short questions.

    • There is probably no fixed method to solve fill in the blanks and I feel they are easy to fill.

      I had used free E2 language videos for all my preparations.

  • hello,
    I have recently applied for ACS skill assessment(Aus PR). I have completed my engineering in Telecommunication but have 7yrs experience in IT i.e development field. AS per ACS they deduct 2yrs from total experience. But wondering what in my case since my branch and my experience are not related to each other.

  • Hi Anil,

    I was trying to get some mock test link , could you please share scored mock test .


    • You can do the mock test that evaluated in the same algorithm used in PTE Academic test, through the following link. You have to purchase it. The result will generate with in couple of minutes after your mock test . I have done it and the result was almost same with my real PTE score.

    • I have not taken Toefl test before so cannot really comment.
      But, I have personally appeared for IELTS twice and PTE once. I found PTE more logical, sensible and easier if you can converse in English in your day to day life.

      If your purpose to give English for Australia Immigration, i strongly recommend to give PTE.

    • Dear Mr. Rakesh,

      PTE Academic is the excellent option based on my experience. I had gone through IELTS, TOEFL ibt and PTE Academeic. You can trust 100% this blogger Mr. Anil.

  • Hi Anil,
    I appeared for IELTS n got 7 in each which is fine to apply for Austrailia but i want to improve my points so planning to take PTE about which i have no knowledge. can u tell me the difficulty level of PTE as i need 79+ in each module.

  • I was practicing a test without preparing for words and synonyms and I found new words for fill in the blanks, which I don't know the meanings. Could you please give me tips in this aspect. Thanks!

  • Hello Anil,
    regarding PTE preparation,do i need to subscribe to their paid courses? or watching videos on youtube is sufficient?

    • It depends on your own comfortable level with English as a language. As per my opinion, free youtube videos are more than enough along with the notes and tricks shared above.

          • For ACS documentation purposes , do I need to attach all the results or only degree certificate and experience letters would do ?

          • Only Tertiary education degree and mark sheets are required.
            Tertiary means the education that is relevant and related to your work experience.
            10th and 12th degree and mark sheets are not required.

          • Thanks a lot Anil. It’s of great help.
            I’ve a few more queries :

            1. How will my experience be calculated? I have a total of 9.5 years of experience in IT and education would be IT major Will it be 7.5 years that they would consider and award points accordingly or I would be getting 15 points as for 8-10 years category it’s 15.

            2. My spouse will also get her skills assessed and would appear for English exam and if she clears it with competent English mark, is <45 years of age so will I get the additional 5 points? Is it ok if our ANZSCO codes are different but In IT sector only?

            3.According to points shown on your website , system analyst(261112) 75 pro rata and ICT support engineer(263212) 70 ? Is this the minimum point requirement or it’s 65 only to apply for both of these ?also could you confirm if minimum points required would differ based on which code we select ?
            4. Is it okay to mention exact same roles and responsibilities in all employment references (for my case it would be 6.) . Is it a good idea to have the same description of roles and responsibilities as given on ACS website ?

          • I have explained how ACS will calculate your IT work experience and how many years will be deducted here. Please go through it.

            Spouse ANZSCO code should be in the same occupation list as yours. ANZSCO code can be different.

            Minimum points requirement to apply Australia PR and file EOI is 65.
            The points shown on our website for each ANZSCO code are needed to realistically receive an invite.
            Points requirement varies by each ANZSCO code.
            Most of the job codes do NOT receive invite with 65 points due to high demand.

            Do not copy paste. Write what you have really performed and done in you job. ACS sends documents back to employer too if they have any suspicion. So, be careful.

          • Thanks Anil for the detailed explanation. I asked that question as I was not sure if it would be analysed correctly if they see a different desc than their website (even though my profile is for the same role) it might lead them to confusion .
            So when they say roles and responsibilities should match 65 % to what they have mentioned on ACS website , do they really see point by point ? Like let’s say if they have mentioned 10 points atleast 6-7 should be there in my reference letter ? Is my understanding correct ?

          • They match your roles and responsibilities with the job requirements for the ANZSCO code that you have chosen.

            For example, if you have chosen job code for software engineer but your half work experience is in IT project management, then your IT project manager work experience will NOT be counted as relevant.

            So, its important what you write in the skill letter.

          • Hi Anil,

            Thanks !!
            Let’s say if I have a gap of 4 months while switching to another job , would that be counted in my work experience?

  • Hi Anil, none of the media (imagevideo etc) seems to be available anymore and comes up as a blank space in the middle of the page. Can you please check or provide external links to the media you referenced here? I've tried multiple browser and the page stays the same so it's not a browser issue. Thanks.

  • Hi Anil, would you recommend to submit EOI if it fulfills the prerequisite points criteria and take PTE in the meanwhile to improve the score?
    To clarify, I'm intending to apply for subclass 189 and not sure if I should also select 190, if at all that too works..

    • You should select both 189 and 190 as per my opinion. For some ANZSCO codes that are in demand in specific state, they do send 190 invites faster than 189 invite.

      Also, you can file Australia EOI with whatever points you have now but once you get the new score, you will need to update the EOI.
      When you update the EOI, the date of effect changes automatically and your EOI is placed at the back of queue again.

  • Hi Anil,

    My experience matches with below ANZSCO codes, as I have worked in mix of technologies.
    So which one would be the best to apply against for getting invitation in terms of quota and score.

    261311 - Analyst Programmer
    261312 - Developer Programmer
    262112 - ICT Security Specialists
    261399 - Software and Application Programmer
    261313 - Software Engineer
    261112 - System Analysts


  • Hey Anil,
    Thanks for the detailed article - beautifully summarized. I used the tricks mentioned in this article and scored overall 88 out of 90 by preparing for less than a week (I have generally have pretty stuffed schedule almost every day)..

    Thanks to you once again for your guidance!


  • Hey Anil,
    Thanks for the detailed article - beautifully summarized. I used the tricks mentioned in this article and scored overall 88 out of 90 by preparing for less than a week (I have generally have pretty stuffed schedule almost every day)..

    Thanks to you once again for your guidance!


    • Wow.. congratulations.
      I am glad the notes worked.

      I did kept in mind to just collect the useful tips so that users do not have to scan through entire google :)

      • Thanks, Anil.

        I just want to further help the other candidates. Along with video of Jay (E2 Language), please do watch Moni Vuong's video also. She has a channel called as 'PTE Magic' and shares wonderful information about different sections of PTE.

        I am summarizing my experience for different sections:


        * I did excellent in Read Aloud. Maintained the fluency and intonation. Spoke with lot of confidence as if I was alone in the room although there were 4 other candidates sitting besides me.

        * Did exceptionally well in Repeat Sentence section. The sample questions on internet are little too tough. In PTE actual test, I found maximum sentences that were about 7 words long or even lesser. I messed up in only 1 sentence, but I did not let it go as is. I spoke at least 3-4 words that I remembered.

        * Describe Image was done fairly good. However I couldn't complete my sentences in 2 images. Just concentrate on fluency and pronunciation to get good marks even though you mess up the content. Remember content = 5 marks per image, while oral fluency and pronunciation = 10 marks per question. Many think that this section is the hardest but if you see it from where I see it - Even if you give little but relevant information about content, you can easily score 80% in this section based on your fluency and the way you speak.

        * I was quite good at Re-tell lecture. I did not use any template, and I managed to build my own sentences using the key words that I heard.


        * Summarize written text is extremely important. Learn to write a complex sentence if you don't already know. Make sure you start the sentence with a capital letter and complete the sentence with a full stop, like I did here. :-)
        * Essay was easy - I got only one. It was a repeated one - shopping mall vs local shop. Read essays online and you might end up encountering the same in your PTE test.

        * Re-order paragraph are fine but do not carry enough points. However, any section that can get you even 5 bonus points is good. This is one of the easiest sections and you should be able to do well if you know how to construct a sentence. Practice online and you will do good.

        * Fill in the blanks (both format) are extremely important, not only for reading section, but also because it contributes to your writing score as well. If you know grammar, you will be able to perform well.

        * Multiple ques choose one is easy. I did extremely well.

        * Multiple ques multiple answer is little tricky. Choose correct answer only. If you have doubt on other answer, you may want to leave it as you might lose precious time while making up your mind if you want to click it or not. Remember reading section is the smallest and you will have to utilize your time efficiently.

        * Summarize spoken text is very important. Capture at least 8-10 key words from the paragraph you will hear and you should be fine constructing your own sentence.

        * Highlight the correct summary is also important. I did well as I prepared watching Jay's video. Like Anil mentioned in his blog, Jay's videos are just too good. In addition to that, do subscribe to PTE Magic as well. Monica Vuong is a non-native speaker and gives you lot of excellent tricks too.

        * Write from Dictation section is same as Repeat sentences. You need to do this carefully because this time you have to write the sentence. Make sure your spellings are correct. Do give the sentence a second glance, ALWAYS.

        To summarize:

        * Be confident. The computer doesn't judge on how you appear. It judges you based on the response you give.

        * For all writing type questions - Do give your written response a second glance to check for any spelling mistakes.

        * For listening - Make sure you capture 8-10 key words. If you capture less key words, remember a template that can bail you out.
        * There is absolutely no reason why you should imitate an accent. The computer software that judges you knows many accents, so you should be confident of yourself.
        * Last but not the least - and a special recommendation - Learn the difference between a 'V' and a 'W'. It will greatly help. There any many sentences and words, where V or a W comes and if you speak a V as W and a W as V, the computer software might not be able to understand you properly. This is captured in one of Jay's videos too.

        Finally, my scorecard is mentioned below:

        Reading = 84
        Listening = 85
        Speaking = 90
        Writing = 87

        All the best to every candidate who is appearing for the test. :-)

  • Scored an overall of 87 with 81+ in all the modules in my very first attempt. Thanks for the write up and of course Jay's methods are great and they do work!!

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