Thousands Rally in Chicago To Convince Dick Durbin – Pass Green Card Country Limits

Hundreds of high skilled workers rallied in Illinois to melt Dick Durbin's heart and help pass S386. Indians face a 150 year wait if bill is not passed.

Written by Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta          Updated  24 Oct, 19


It was a day of showing solidarity in the land of opportunities for thousands of high skilled workers who are stuck in infinitely long green card backlogs.

Senator Dick Durbin has currently blocked the passage of S386 in Senate. He is demanding to increase the number of green cards rather than simply removing remove the discrimination based on country of birth.

Adding the number of green cards is another ball game and would need a new battle to be fought in Senate. Durbin probably knows it pretty well and hence has played this card.

President Trump is in favor of keeping the GC limits same but shifting the allocation from family to employment based permanent residency. This makes sense as employed people contribute more to economy and taxes.

Pictures from Illinois Rally

The event was initiated by Illinois immigration and publicized on various whatsApp groups and other forums. The videos do show that hundreds of people took a day off and came out for #WalkForEquality.

Posted by Shweta Chavan on Thursday, October 10, 2019

You may not know but the S396 opposition group was also at the rally point showing their placards. There was police dividing both sides of advocates to make sure there are no conflicts.

s386 opposition at Illinois rally - right opposite to advocates
s386 opposition at Illinois rally – right opposite to advocates. Image shared by Sunil Chitluri on our whatsApp group.

Although, the opposition was outnumbered, the situation remained calm and each side raised their slogans to show support for their cause.

We hope that Dick Durbin takes time to have a re-look at his decision and work to remove country based limits. The increasing of green cards should be the second step.

Posted by Shweta Chavan on Thursday, October 10, 2019

We do not have the official number for turnout but it looks like close to a thousand people marched to protect their future including the kids who run the risk of ageing out at 21.

Several people organized buses and came in groups to show their support.

The banners were carried in hand asking Dick Durbin to end the National origin Discrimination and give out Green cards based on skills.

H1B is Merit Based but Green Card is Country of Birth

The 7% country based limits affect the high skilled workers the most. US awards H1B work visa based on education and skills but takes into account the country of birth while giving out Green cards. This process does not make sense in current generation and is exactly what president Trump has been pushing for.

In his attempt to reduce family chain immigration, Trump has made the public charge rule stricter in addition to making the non-subsidized Health Insurance mandatory for all green card applicants.

As per various reports, the stricter rules for family immigration will reduce the overall immigration by 65%. It would be interesting to know if the family based green cards would be diverted to employment based category or not.

A skilled person can add to his skills by choice but cannot change his birth details.

The HR1044 was passed by house earlier but has been put on hold in Senate which aims to remove this immigration discrimination. Nobody can change their country of birth and hence there is no other solution to this problem.

Did You Walk for Removing Discrimination?

If you participated in the walk, do share your photos and videos in the comments.

We could only find the prominent media coverage on USAToday website.


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  1. wildfire2012
    wildfire2012 24 Oct, 19 at 12:06 am

    Has anyone done the math. If the s386 passes, then what would be the waiting time for everyone to get green card? For example, if now it would take 90 years for indians to get green card and it would take 30 years for everyone (including indians) to get green card after s386 passes. It will definitely make a lot differerence for people from other countries. But does it make any differernces for indians? If this is the case, maybe increasing the limit or completely remove the limit seems to be a better option