Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

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Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

This is to certify that Mr. Ram GUPTA was full time employed with ABC Ltd. from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2013. He reported to our office in Gurgaon, India from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2012 and to Tampa, Florida from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013.

While leaving our organization, he/ she was designated as a Lead Engineer.

During his/her employment with ABC Ltd., he/she was responsible for the following:

  1. Architecture and design for the Business process development team.
  2. Subject matter expert within the Business process environment for Oracle, SQL server and Dot-net.
  3. Technical leadership for solving complex programming tasks.
  4. Responsible for project life-cycle, incl. analysis, design, development, implementation, support and enhancement.
  5. Designed and maintained coding standards to enhance application development and maintenance.

He/She utilized skills including:

  1. Oracle
  2. SQL server and .Net.

We wish him/her all the best for his/her future endeavors.

For ABC Ltd.,


Sample Experience Letter for Australia in DOC format

This same letter is available in Doc format here. You can copy and paste from here and use it for your purpose.

Sample Skill-certificate/ technical-experience letter as an evidence of prior work experience from your previous/current employer.
You need it at the time of filing the 189 visa employment assessment.

In Australia, assessment company needs this employer provided detailed experience cum tech verification letter with responsibilities and duties for 189, 190, 489 visa, to evaluate the basis of your SkillSelect points.

These days, they are not accepting co-worker written experience letters as legitimate. You should try to get it from your manager or human resources (HR) department from previous employer.

Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment
Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

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Include full period of employment in Skill Letter

Include full period of employment even if part of it was outside USA or any other country.

For example, If you worked for 2 years in India and then worked in USA for 1 year for same company. Include the full employment period by specifically mentioning the tenure in India and the USA separately.

Skill Letter – Include ONLY relevant work experience / technologies

Write ONLY the work experience or technologies that are relevant to the visa or skill that you are applying to.

65% of your daily job related duties should match the job code that you are applying for.

Employer may issue skill experience letter only once

Not sure about your specific company, but most of them just issue it once in the lifetime on their letter head.

So, just be very careful with the verbiage contents of the letter. You might not be able to change it later.

Hence, it is advisable to address the letter as ‘WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN‘ rather than specifically to any one specific. This would help you use the letter at multiple places.

Skill Letter Head need full company address and contact numbers

The official employer letter head that you use to print these letters should clearly show the company’s address (could be any in case of multiple offices) and reachable contact numbers.

Your assessment company (like ACS) might contact them over phone or by paper letter to verify your claims. If the letter head does not inherently has the address and contact numbers, then you should add them.

Skill experience letter for Australia from Colleague

This experience letter can be printed either on employer’s letter head or a plain piece of paper.
If it is on plain piece of paper, it should be notarized.

If the colleague has left the previous employer too, this should be clearly mentioned in the letter that the current person is NOT working with the previous employer.

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  1. Amit Bharti   21 Mar, 19 at 1:53 am

    Thank you, Anil Ji, for responding to my query. I’ve got the reference letter from my previous employer and one colleague declaration reference letter from my current employer TCS. I’ve certified all the docs from Justice of Peace in Sydney as well. Now, do I need to attach salary slips or joining letter along with these reference letters?.

    • Anil Gupta   21 Mar, 19 at 7:38 pm

      Salary Slips and joining letters are not required as these are optional.

  2. Hi Anil,
    My employer (Wipro) isn’t providing the reference letter in the format required by acs for assessment.
    They had provided me with an experience letter( attached) and they have just agreed to mention “full time” on the same letter. They are not agreeing to add my roles and responsibilities though the already provided letter has tools and technologies listed. My queries are:

    1. Can I use the experience letter from wipro along with notarized letter having roles and responsibilities or should I mention everything in the letter to be notarized and ignore the experience letter from Wipro altogether.
    2. I’m currently working in Singapore, so can I ask my colleague in India(Mumbai) to get it done for me? Also, I’d worked in Bangalore as well as Mumbai so will that matter in case I use Wipro letter having Bangalore address along with notarized letter by my colleague in Mumbai?

    • Anil Gupta   18 Mar, 19 at 9:10 pm

      This letter looks fine to me if you can get “Full time” added to it. I suggest to use the original employer letter instead of the co-worker letter.

      • Thank you Anil! But another question is, as ACS had mentioned that 65% of roles and responsibilities should match and as this letter doesn’t contain anything in detail. Would they consider it? As this experience duration is longest ( close to 4 years) in my total experience (10years)

        • Anil Gupta   18 Mar, 19 at 9:35 pm

          65% of each letter should match with your selected ANZSCO code. If this letter has good amount of your work that you have done, you should be fine.
          Original company letter has much more weight than the the co-worker letter.

  3. Amit Bharti   16 Mar, 19 at 8:31 am

    Hi Anil, Thanks for the above post. I’ve one query. Will ACS focus on the designation in various company worked or only on roles and responsibility?
    I’m asking because I’m using Computer and Network Engineer code but my designation was System Engineer in my first company, Application Designer in Second company and Information Technology Analyst in Third company. So, will it effect my ACS assessment?

    • ACS will consider your roles and responsibilities and not the designation name.
      Your roles should match at-least 65% with your ANZSCO code.

  4. Hi Anil,
    Many of the employer don’t specifically
    Mention work location in reference letter . Is that a mandatory thing ?


    • Anil Gupta   13 Mar, 19 at 9:42 am

      Work location (country) is required if you have worked in multiple countries during your employment with that employer.

      If you have worked only in one country, then there is no need to mention it explicitly as it is evident from employer’s address printed on work experience letter head.

      • Hi Anil,
        So it can be assumed that if no location is mentioned , they will by default consider the location from company’s letter head ..( my case even though I worked at diff location but employer jst doesn’t agree to mention it it’s ok to accept in this form also as atleast it won’t be rejected.. correct me if I am wrong )

        • Anil Gupta   13 Mar, 19 at 8:54 pm

          It should be fine. I do not see any issue.

          • Great .. thanks !!
            Also if a reference letter is addressed to some other organisation for eg to “Canada migration dept “ can I use the same reference letter for ACS assessment ?

            • Anil Gupta   14 Mar, 19 at 8:18 am

              No, you cannot use it. It is specifically for Canada Migration Department.
              The general document should either have the statement as “Whomsover it may concern” or “Canada or Other Migration Department”.

              It should not be a restrictive document.

  5. Hi anil,
    Let’s say I go for ACS assessment today and they evaluate my experience as 7 years 8 months(my current employer reference letter mentions TO DATE ) .. and after 4 months I file EOI and I am still working with the same employer . In this case , would they consider my experience as 8 years and eoi sytem would automatically update my points to 15 instead of the ACS assessment points that are 10 as experience evaluated was 7 yrs 8 months.

  6. Ansuman Gupta   9 Mar, 19 at 11:06 am

    Hi Anil,
    Can I get this experience letter signed by my office colleague. Will this be accepted? Is there anything extra needs to be written or provided if signed by my Office colleague.

  7. Mithun Ivalkar   26 Feb, 19 at 8:49 pm


    For educational certificates, I need to get a letter signed from the institutions for ‘Mode of Teaching was in English’. Could you recommend a sample format for this please.

    Thanks, Mithun

    • I do not have a sample letter but it is just one line that needs to be written along with the year of study as well as the subject names. The letter should be on the official institution’s letter head.