Fill USCIS i765 EAD Form Online (Using App)

Sample i765 EAD form for applying work authorization in USA. Send it to USCIS by paper mail. Choose options carefully to avoid RFE and processing delays.

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  By Anil Gupta    Updated  12 Nov, 20

We have created an app to help you easily fill USCIS form i765 for various types of EAD like L2, H4, F1, STEM OPT, i-485 EAD.

The app helps you by validating all the required fields and guide you with what is an acceptable value.

You keep entering the values as you go along and then the app will take care of the rest automatically. You will get the pre-filled i-765 form with all the required fields in your email.

Fill USCIS i765 EAD form Online with our App >

Once you have the pre-filled EAD form, you can print, sign, and send it to USCIS without taking any attorney’s services. Isn’t it great? You can save about $500 by using this app and fill the i-765 form yourself.

Sample i765 Form

If you want to fill the form yourself, you can use this sample i-765 form that has been filled for H4 EAD.

Choose your EAD category code carefully to avoid RFE and processing delays.

This sample i765 form was used to apply the H4 EAD application. You can use it for other types of EAD as well.

First Time EAD – i765 Form

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EAD i765 Form for Renewal

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Anil Gupta
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