USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time: 70+ days

USCIS RFE Processing time is 70+ days in 2019 - regular. Premium RFE is 15 days. 60 days to submit Response for Review. Premium Clock stops and re-starts.

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RFE Processing Time – 70+ days

The average RFE response processing time is 70 days in 2019. RFE premium processing time is 15 Days to virtually no time limit for regular applications.

USCIS Request for Evidence review – RFE processing times vary widely with each case individually. H1B RFE and L1 visa RFE are most common but, can be made in any visa application type.

USCIS’s official guideline is to respond to RFE within 60 days after your RFE response submission. 60-day clock starts on the day USCIS receives your RFE response. The total H1B processing time will increase if your employer takes full 60 days to respond to RFE.

How long USCIS takes to respond to RFE varies widely on case-to-case basis along with USCIS workload. USCIS can even deny an application without RFE now.

The USCIS status online will show as ‘RFE Response Review‘ or ‘Request for Evidence Response Review‘.

You can expedite the response by upgrading your application to Premium Processing.

RFE Response Time in Premium – 15 days

USCIS premium processing RFE response is 15 calendar days including weekends. The premium clock stops when USCIS issues RFE and waits till you respond.

USCIS status will be: We stopped the 15-day premium processing clock for your case. The premium timer starts again on the date USCIS receives your RFE response.

You can upgrade your regular application to premium at the time of submitting RFE response.  USCIS will refund your Premium processing fees if they take decision on your case before they receive your premium request.

Upgrade to Premium results in RFE?

Upgrading your H1B case to premium does not increase chances of RFE. Do not worry. Its a rumor. If the RFE has to be issued on your case, USCIS will issue it in regular processing as well.

Usually, people who are asking questions about RFE on forums are the ones who’s employer has not submitted complete paperwork. The direct approval without RFE cases do not get reported as much as RFE cases. Hence, you get an impression that upgrading to premium resulted in RFE. This is not true.

I always recommend going for premium to receive your result faster and get peace of mind.

You cannot upgrade your application to premium if USCIS has suspended premium processing.

Fastest and Slowest RFE review response?

Fastest RFE response is 15 days with Premium processing

Average RFE response processing time is 70 days.

Slowest RFE time has no limits. We know of people who have waited for even a year for RFE review response.

USCIS RFE again on RFE Response time

It is possible to get second RFE after RFE response submission. You should respond within 60 days to your RFE.

The USCIS resets its OWN clock to start counting 60 days (15 days in case of Premium processing) as and when you submit RFE response.

RFE Response Review Pending for More Than 6 months?

Many cases are sent to security check to FBI and other government agencies. If your case is one of them, then there is no time limit for RFE response review.

You can call USCIS and they will clearly mention the reason for delay as ‘Security check pending’.

USCIS does not honor premium processing time of 15 days in case of security clearance. There is no way to expedite this case. Your only option is to wait.

USA USCIS Processing Time

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  1. Anil.Gupta

    USCIS will announce H1B premium processing start date for April 2019 lottery selected applications in June 2019.

    You should be able to get H1B approval in premium before Sep 2019 end.

  2. MRA007

    Thanks Anil that helps

  3. marinaaj

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Based on your experience, do you think the wait will be much longer? There are not many RFE forum posts about pictures but most of them are resolved within a few weeks so I feel like mine is already taking longer than normal… do you think it will be sorted out soon?

    Thanks again,


  4. MRA007

    Thanks Anil that’s helpful

  5. Anil.Gupta

    Hi @Karthick1288

    RFE response time is 90+ days at this time.

    What was RFE about?

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  1. Steve
    Steve 4 Dec, 18 at 2:07 am

    Hi, we got a RFE for I-129 and sent it to Vermont in the first week of November. Will I have to wait 2-3 months now? I know you probably answer lots of these questions these days but I just wonder what the chances are that this will take much longer..

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 4 Dec, 18 at 6:00 am

      The 92 days is the average RFE review time at this time.
      You may get lucky and see result earlier or wait even longer.
      Some people have even been waiting for more than 180 days (but the percentage is very small).
      Most of the cases are responded within 80-100 days.

  2. Taher Reza Kermanshahi
    Taher Reza Kermanshahi 20 Nov, 18 at 11:56 am

    My RFE was received by USCIS on June 25th (145+ days). Any one you know have been waiting for that long? And if so, do you know people who got their decision after that much? In other words, if my case has been pending for lets say 150+ days, is that an indication that it will adjudicated anytime now? Or the exact opposite, because it is delayed that long, it will probably even take much longer to adjudicate?

    Also, what kind of RFE are those people (whose processing is taking a very long time) getting? Mine was a repeat medical exam because the original one I submitted was over a year old and expired. So to me, a pretty routine thing to process.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 20 Nov, 18 at 12:12 pm

      RFE depends on the type of application you have submitted.

      I know a lot of people who are waiting for more than 6 months and even a year now for their RFE response.

      The more time you have spent waiting means that you are probably closer to the decision now.

      • Taher Reza Kermanshahi
        Taher Reza Kermanshahi 20 Nov, 18 at 12:30 pm

        I have an i485 application. Is there a correlation between the type of RFE USCIS issues and the long wait to process? I would imagine that an RFE for an expired medical exam is more or less straightforward compared to something more complicated. Are you aware of any impact the type of RFE has on such long wait?

        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 20 Nov, 18 at 1:06 pm

          RFE response processing time may vary by the type of application and work load processing at that service center. We track i485 processing time here:

          It does not matter if the RFE is simple of complex. Your application RFE response is waiting in the queue and unless the queue is cleared, it won’t be worked on.

      • Alice
        Alice 3 Dec, 18 at 11:55 am

        Is it general or these delays are for a particular center?

        • Alice
          Alice 3 Dec, 18 at 12:04 pm

          *These monthly delays

          • Anil Gupta
            Anil Gupta 3 Dec, 18 at 12:12 pm

            These numbers are in general based on various applications RFE response timing. am22tech is working on further dividing this data based on application type and center but it may take time to show here.

            • Alice
              Alice 3 Dec, 18 at 12:22 pm

              I see. Do you think it will be possible to expedite the case again in mid February if the decision does not arrive until then? I read that the expedition ban will end some in February.. or it is more likely that they will put ban on it again?

              • Anil Gupta
                Anil Gupta 3 Dec, 18 at 12:35 pm

                There is no news about re-in station of H1B premium at this time.
                So, we assume that the ban will be lifted on Feb 20, 2019 unless USCIS comes out with any new information.

                • Alice
                  Alice 3 Dec, 18 at 12:38 pm

                  That would be great. Thank you!

    • balar
      balar 27 Nov, 18 at 5:32 pm

      My RFE response for H1b amendment was received by USCIS on July 10th and it is still pending response from USCIS. My initial filing was done in Jan 2018 🙁 Let’s hope for the best.

      • Alice
        Alice 3 Dec, 18 at 11:51 am

        Which center did you apply to?

  3. Bhagyashree Choudhary
    Bhagyashree Choudhary 9 Nov, 18 at 2:24 pm

    My friend filled for H1B and got first RFE on 27 June 18. He submitted the documents in Aug first week. Again he got second RFE on 26 Sep 18.
    His OPT expires in Jan 2019. When can he expect his H1B to get approved.


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 9 Nov, 18 at 2:37 pm

      Well, RFE responses are taking more than 90 days at this time. If your friend is lucky, he may get a result in Dec 2018.

  4. Su Liang
    Su Liang 9 Nov, 18 at 2:07 pm

    Hi, thanks for the article! It’s been 73 days since my RFE response was filed… Is it possible for the law firm to contact USCIS to expedite the process?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 9 Nov, 18 at 2:15 pm

      Which type of application is it?
      If it is H1b extension, then you can apply for premium processing upgrade.

      If not, then your attorney can raise a service request with USCIS to ask for current status.
      You can raise expedite request too but the chances of expedite approval are same as getting hit by lightning (very rare).

  5. Sudhamsu Josyam
    Sudhamsu Josyam 9 Nov, 18 at 11:33 am

    HI Anil, Thanks for all your inputs!
    I responded to my 485 RFE couple of weeks back… Though i am not expecting any result as soon as two weeks, question is how soon can I raise an SR? And I don’t think there is premium processing for 485 RFE right? I could be wrong though…. Please suggest… Thank you!!

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 9 Nov, 18 at 11:50 am

      You can check the ‘Raise SR’ date here for i485 applications:
      Specifically for RFE response, you should wait at-least 90 days before you can raise an SR.

      i485 does not have premium processing individually. But, if you file concurrently with i140, you can request premium.

      • Sudhamsu Josyam
        Sudhamsu Josyam 9 Nov, 18 at 1:16 pm

        Thanks Anil! Much appreciated!!

  6. selva
    selva 1 Nov, 18 at 6:45 pm

    Since Oct 2017, the status is showing as “Request For Evidence Was Received”. Just wanted to know is there any problem with my application and should i need to convert it as premium mode ? Please advise.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 1 Nov, 18 at 7:49 pm

      Ohh my god. This is an extreme delay. Did you raise a service request with USCIS for your case?
      I am just thinking that it is stuck in ‘Security check’. Those are the applications that take such long time.

      But, it is a good idea to raise a SR now.

  7. br
    br 30 Oct, 18 at 3:58 pm

    Hi, My H1b amendment was submitted to USCIS on 22nd Jan 2018. Received RFE on Apr 2018. RFE was responded and it is received by USCIS on 10th July 2018, it has been 112 days, but still no response. It is with CSC. Have submitted a service request last week. Hoping for some update.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 30 Oct, 18 at 4:40 pm

      Ohh man ..USCIS is just taking too much time these days.
      You should get a response soon now as you have already crossed the average waiting time.

      • Vishal Chhatwani
        Vishal Chhatwani 5 Nov, 18 at 10:59 am

        That’s a long time. Can you update if you got the response or not? My wait time also crossed 95 days today. Not sure if I should be sending Request Service or wait for few more days?

      • br
        br 5 Nov, 18 at 1:08 pm


  8. Nipy
    Nipy 30 Oct, 18 at 12:03 pm

    Ok thanks, I am planning to raise it after 90 days. thanks

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 30 Oct, 18 at 12:45 pm

      You are welcome. All the best.

      • Nipy
        Nipy 8 Nov, 18 at 7:38 am

        Hi Anil,

        Just a general question on RFE processing times, I usually see that you update your this webpage with processing times, just like you did it for yesterday as 92+ days, is it some data which you maintain to come up with metrics like that.

        I still have no response from USCIS after RFE submission for my EB1C I140 application and its 95+ days now. Just looking for some solid data points which points that this is quite normal these days.

        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 8 Nov, 18 at 8:16 am

          We scan through various forums and trackers online and 92 days is the average time based on the data that our scanner has collected.
          For RFE, the data is skewed as some people have even waited for more than a year for RFE response and others have got it within 60 days.

          But, 90+ days is pretty normal these days. You can raise a service request with USCIS though to ask for current status.

          Also, you have premium processing available for i140 processing. Just upgrade your application and you can get result in 15 days straight and have peace of mind.

          • Nipy
            Nipy 8 Nov, 18 at 8:24 am

            Hi Anil,

            Thanks for information, I fall under EB1C, which has no premium processing. Premium processing is only available for EB2 and EB3.

            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 8 Nov, 18 at 8:31 am

              Ok..i think i missed the ‘C’ part. EB1-A and B do have premium available.
              Then, you are probably out of luck. You can only wait and raise a service request with USCIS.

  9. Nipy
    Nipy 30 Oct, 18 at 11:41 am


    My RFE for I140 EB1C category was responded and USCIS website got updated after couple of weeks….now today is 85 day from the date the DHS USCIS website status changed to “RFE response Received….”.

    Is this normal timelines these days (+85 days) for RFE’s adjustment for I140 EB1C.

    Also, does it makes sense to raise SR from organization, heard that raising SR by organization might create negative sentiments with case officer?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 30 Oct, 18 at 11:59 am

      Yes, the normal processing time for i140 RFE is 90+ days.

      There are no negative sentiments from case officer if you raise an SR (service request). Hundreds of people raise SR everyday and USCIS officers are professionals. They know how to handle the SR requests with care.
      Don’t believe baseless rumors.

  10. Mohan
    Mohan 8 Oct, 18 at 4:35 pm

    Could you please let me know what’s the Processing time for Consular Processing after RFE response received to USCIS?

    On April we filled with change of status and after RFE received, based on attorney we go with Consular Processing and it’s been 60days already but no LUCK.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 8 Oct, 18 at 8:23 pm

      It’s taking about 80 days on average at this time.

      • javaindepth
        javaindepth 17 Oct, 18 at 5:38 pm

        its taking more than 80 days definitely .. i have been waiting for my status for last 90 with out an update .
        do u know of any specific cases who got the response in the time frame .?

        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 17 Oct, 18 at 5:57 pm

          80 is average time.
          We have collected data after reviewing various forums and people’s real data shared by them.
          Some cases get response earlier like in 70 days and some even later like 90-100 days.
          We have given 80 as average time.

          • Voldy
            Voldy 23 Oct, 18 at 6:54 am

            My H1-B was selected in this year’s (2018) lottery. Also I got an RFE to which the response was recieved by USCIS on 17th August 2018. I still haven’t recieved any update after that. According to 80 days average in 2018, does it mean I should expect to hear something on my case by end of November 2018?

            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 23 Oct, 18 at 7:51 am

              Yes, that’s correct. You should get a result or hear from USCIS somewhere in Nov 2018. I would say about 1st or 2nd week.
              80 days is average in 2018. Some cases are taking even longer.

              • G Kiran Kumar
                G Kiran Kumar 26 Oct, 18 at 5:26 pm

                My amendment petition was filed in Aug 2018 in premium processing and received RFE at the end of Aug.
                We will be responding to the RFE in Nov 1st week.
                Now that premium processing is suspended, would my case be processed under premium and can I expect a response in 15 days from USCIS?

                • Anil Gupta
                  Anil Gupta 26 Oct, 18 at 5:39 pm

                  Yes, your application RFE will be responded to within 15 days.

                  • G Kiran Kumar
                    G Kiran Kumar 26 Oct, 18 at 5:52 pm

                    Fingers Crossed. Thanks!

                  • Shravya Sarma
                    Shravya Sarma 14 Jan, 19 at 9:47 am

                    @SoanT:disqus Mine is a first-time H1B , RFE Response received on Sep 12th , It’s been 106 days and no update since then, California service center, My STEM OPT is ending on 21st February 2019, Average processing time is 80-90 days, Mine has exceeded that time frame, Any suggestions please, Thanks.

                    • Anil Gupta
                      Anil Gupta 14 Jan, 19 at 10:05 am

                      You can raise a service request with USCIS and ask fro status update. That may help to know why it has been delayed.
                      But, with California service center, the processing time is very long at this time.
                      You can check with your receipt number and compare if any receipts around your case have been approved or not here:


                    • Shravya Sarma
                      Shravya Sarma 9 Feb, 19 at 10:03 am

                      Thanks ! Will do

        • Kuya Pepe
          Kuya Pepe 24 Oct, 18 at 6:24 am

          Rfe received by vermont. It’s been 93 days but status is still received

          • Anil Gupta
            Anil Gupta 24 Oct, 18 at 7:30 am

  ’s taking more time these days. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do except to wait.

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