H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist

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H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist - Marriage certificate, Wedding Invitation Card, Photo album, H1B i797, employment verification letter, Pay stubs, W2, LCA.

H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist

  1. Passport
    All passports including old and expired.
  2. DS 160 form copy.
  3. Visa interview appointment confirmation copy.
  4. Marriage Certificate (Original)
  5. H1B primary spouse documents
    1. Form i797C (H1B approval notice) – Original is best. If not possible, then carry color copy of i797 approval.
    2. Form i129 (H1B application) copy – Carry color or Black and white copy of i797 approval.
    3. H1B LCA copy – Carry color or Black and white copy of LCA posting.
    4. Passport copy – Carry color or Black and white copy of first 2 (with photo) and last 5 pages (address details) of passport.
    5. Employment verification letterOriginal – H1B can get it from employer.
    6. 3 months Pay stubs/ Salary slips – Color of black and white copy
    7. Last 3 year W2 (if any) – Color of black and white copy
  6. Wedding Invitation Card
    Optional, but recommended. Card from both sides, if available, in original.
  7. Wedding Color Photo Album
    Optional, but highly recommended to carry to prove that real marriage took place.
  8. Birth Certificate
    In Original if H4 applicant is less than 14 years old.

Chances of H4 Visa stamping – Interview questions

There are no issues with H4 visa stamping if your relationship with H1B primary can be proved with above mentioned documents. The visa interview will be smooth and you may be asked about H1B primary’s job and employer details for verification.

Is H1B to H4 stamping eligible for Dropbox?

You can check if you are eligible for Dropbox Facility using our app here.

You will need to submit the same set of documents for Dropbox facility as mentioned above.

H4 Visa stamping documents checklist
H4 Visa stamping documents checklist

H4 spouse name change after marriage

We recommend to change your last name in passport too, if you have changed it after marriage.
There is no compulsion to change last name though.

If you decide to carry on with your maiden name after marriage, your H4 visa will be stamped with your maiden name. This is fine and has no issues.

Incomplete Indian Marriage Ceremony Can Result in Permanent ban to Enter U.S.

These days, visa officers have started asking if full marriage ceremony happened or not at H4 visa interview time.

This is very serious and you should be very careful as U.S. Consulates consider partial marriage ceremony to be Fraud / Misrepresentation or Alien Smuggling.

If you just did a small marriage function and will be completing the final marriage according to Hindu marriage act 1955, in India after H4 visa stamping, you could be in trouble.
This is true even if you register your marriage under Indian law and procure a legal marriage certificate from the local government authority.

Visa office expects you to perform all the rituals as are NORMALLY expected like 7 rounds of sacred fire (7 Phere) etc. to complete the marriage. He may ask you questions to check the validity of the marriage.

US Visa officers now understand the Indian culture and can smell fraud with ease.