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You are Out of status after i94 expiry. Unlawful presence starts after petition denial in USA

i94 Expiry is Out of Status in USA, Visa Denial is Unlawful Presence

  By Am22tech      Updated  30 Apr, 20

i94 expiry makes you out of status in USA. File visa extension before i94 expiry to stay. Unlawful presence starts after i94 expiry with no valid visa status.

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USCIS RFE response review processing time

USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time: 90+ days

  By Am22tech      Updated  10 Apr, 20

USCIS RFE Processing time is 90+ days in regular. Premium RFE is 15 days. 60-90 days to submit RFE Response, Premium Clock re-starts on response submission.

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Is your H1B lottery denied due to duplicate registration?

Did USCIS Deny H1B Registration by Mistake – ‘Duplicate’ issue?

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta      Updated  2 Apr, 20

AILA received complaints about wrong denials for H1B registrations due to duplicate filing. 30+ attorneys say its a glitch in USCIS registration tool. Not given a chance for lottery.

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H1b April 2020 lottery result

USCIS got 275k H1B Lottery Applications in Apr 2020, Indians Dominate with 67%

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta      Updated  1 Apr, 20

H1B April 2020 lottery registrations result. USCIS received 275k applications, 186k Indians, 36k Chinese. Apply starting Apr 1. Waitlist second chance difficult.

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USCIS completes H1B registration lottery April 2020

What is H1B Lottery System, Chances of Selection in Apr 2020?

  By Am22tech      Updated  1 Apr, 20

H1B lottery system for April 2020 has electronic filing and reverse selection. US masters degree holder more chance of selection over Indian or Chinese degree. 60 day to submit.

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Indian doctors asking for family green card if they die treating COVID-19 patients

Indian H1B Healthcare worker Ask Attorney to get GC for family If he Dies by COVID-19 in USA

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta      Updated  30 Mar, 20

H1B Indian doctors are worried about family if something happens to them while treating Coronavirus patients in the USA. They want green card for their family.

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