US Visa 214b denial sample

214b Refusal – B1/B2, F1 Rejection, How to Re-Apply

  By Am22tech      Updated  29 May, 20

214B visa refusal means that US visa officer was not convinced in interview about your return to home country. Re-apply B1/B2, F1 anytime again with new proof.

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I-131 USCIS Advance Parole Processing Time

  By Am22tech      Updated  1 Jun, 20

California All other applicants for advance parole 151 days, Vermont All other applicants for advance parole 186 days, Texas All other applicants for advance parole

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Change US embassy after filling DS-160 for US visa interview

Change US Embassy After Filling DS 160 for Visa Stamping?

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta      Updated  2 Mar, 20

You can change US embassy interview location after filling DS-160 within the same country. No need to fill new DS160 form. Move H1B interview from Delhi to Mumbai.

DHS Asks Federal Court to not Revoke H4 EAD

H4 EAD Revoke Prediction Date 2020 – Will Lawsuit Help?

  By Am22tech      Updated  22 Apr, 20

H4 EAD Revoke Estimated Time 2020 based on OMB review, Public comments period of 30 days. Save H-4 ead Lawsuit by challenging DHS decision. Termination may be blocked.

Appeal USCIS H1B Denial

Appeal H1B Denial, Refile or Court Case? Stay in US while MTR pending?

  By Am22tech      Updated  2 Mar, 20

Appeal H1B denial decision within 33 days. Unlawful presence counted if appeal denied. Refiling has better chance of approval than MTR. Court case should be last option.

USCIS reasons for RFE

Top 10 Reasons of H1B RFE by USCIS

  By Am22tech      Updated  2 Mar, 20

USCIS Reasons for H1B RFE: Speciality Occupation, Employer-Employee Relationship, Availability of Work (Off-site), Qualifications, Status violation, In house project.