HRA House Rent Allowance Tax Exemption – Maximize Tax Benefit In India

Calculate House Rent Allowance (HRA) exemption with formula. Monthly rent to get the highest tax rebate in Metro or non metro city. Rent receipts required.

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Green Card Process with Employer Sponsorship

Green card process has 3 main steps: PERM, I140 and I485. Minimum processing time is about 2 years and max is defined by your country’s queue.

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H4 EAD USCIS Form I-765 Sample Form and Documents

Sample H4 EAD I765 application form with Required documents. Q 16 is (C)(26), Q 18 is H1B primary I797 Receipt number. 90 days for EAD card to start job or business.

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Leaving TCS at Onsite - Bond Breaking and Skill letter issues and answers

Leaving TCS Onsite – Skill Letter for Green Card

Leaving TCS onsite can prove to be a bit expensive due to their bond of $10000. This is my own story that may help you plan your exit. I did not pay any money.

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Sample Skill Letter USA For Green Card Labor Application

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Attestation of Power Of Attorney At Indian Consulate

Attestation of Power of Attorney At Indian Consulate – USA

Attestation of Power Of Attorney At Indian Consulate is a pre-requisite to get a POA registered in India for property management. Here is the list of steps.

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Registered power of attorney for property management in India

Registered Power of Attorney In India For Managing Property

Registered power of Attorney In India is required to manage property if you are NRI. Use the sample POA template and register in SDM or registrar office.

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Renew Indian passport in USA - BLS - Step by step process with my own experience

Renew Indian passport in USA after 10 years – By post BLS

Renew Indian passport in USA after 10 years with BLS. Steps to fill forms, documents required and processing times. Total 4 photos required for reissue.

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Margin money home loan india - How the payment is divided between you and bank?

Margin Money in Home Loan with Indian Bank

You need to pay Margin money in home loan India with bank payments to builder. Use personal loan, top loan to arrange margin money with SBI, HDFC home loan.

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Speed Up WordPress on IIS Windows WP Super Cache

Speed up Wordpress on Windows IIS by using URL rewrite rules. Reverse proxy behavior like Squid and Varnish. Fetch WP Super Cache files directly.

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