H4 EAD USCIS Form I-765 Sample Form and Documents

Sample H4 EAD USCIS application form with Required documents list. It would take at-least 90 days to receive EAD card and start working or start a business.

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Speed Up WordPress on IIS Windows WP Super Cache

Speed up Wordpress on Windows IIS by using URL rewrite rules. Reverse proxy behavior like Squid and Varnish. Fetch WP Super Cache files directly.

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Old Check with printed address is valid to issue even if you change your address in USA

Order New Checks on Address Change in USA?

You can use the checks with old printed address when you move to new one. Change your address in Bank records but the old checks will still work.

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Google URL Shortener API – Shorten URL – Dot Net – OAuth

Use Google URL shortener API in .net with oAuth to generate short URLs with server to server communication. This is a complete step by step guide.

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Custom Social Share Buttons – No Script Option

Custom social share buttons with no script download. A new window dialog is opened on use click to show the share page for the clicked social network.

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Cost To Company India - How does it differ from Take Home Salary

CTC – Defining Cost To Company And Take Home Salary

CTC full form is Cost To Company in India, can include the monetary and non-monetary benefits including free meals, Office space rent, free cabs and subsidized loans.

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Remove YARPP CSS Files From Loading In WordPress

Remove YARPP CSS files from loading in Wordpress. You can disable widget.css and related.css in functions.php to improve page load speed.

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YARPP custom templates - wordpress settings

Set Up YARPP Custom Template Related Posts With Thumbnail

Step by step process to set up YARPP custom template for related posts with thumbnails at a custom location on your web page.

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disqus vs fb comments

Disqus Vs Facebook Comments? Which One To Use?

Disqus vs Facebook comments – Pros and cons of comments on your website powered by either Disqus or Facebook. Disqus is a comprehensive comment system.

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Load Disqus Comments On Scroll – On Demand – On Click

Tried and tested JQuery code to load Disqus on Scroll. Use it to load Disqus comments on demand with a click in WordPress as well. No Plugins required.

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