Cost of sending iphone to India from USA

iPhone to India from USA – Custom Duty, Shipping Cost of sending

 18 Jun, 18 

Sending phone from USA to India is expensive than buying in India. Indian Buyer pays the Custom duty and GST tax, at very high rate of 34%. Marking as Gift does not evade custom duty. USPS Global delivery is cheapest. Carrying by hand and not declaring at Indian airport custom can help you evade duty but not safe.

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Cost To Company India - How does it differ from Take Home Salary

What is CTC? Difference between CTC Package & Net Salary?

 17 Jun, 18 

CTC full form is Cost To Company. It means total salary package and benefits received by employee in a year including free meals, cabs, interest free loans. CTC = Direct benefits + Indirect benefits + Saving Contributions. Take Home pay = Direct Benefits – Income tax – Employee PF – Other deductions, if any

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Renew Indian minor passport

Renew Indian Minor Passport in USA by Post Step by Step Process

 16 Jun, 18 

Renew Indian Minor passport in USA after 5 years with CKGS. Steps to fill forms including NRI online application, documents required. Processing time is 1-4 weeks. Total 3 photos required. Both, parent and child with thumb print need to self-attest. Indian address proof required only if printed on new passport.

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Unspent Per Diem Received Abroad is Taxable In India

 15 Jun, 18 

Unspent per diem allowance is taxable in India if you bring it back. Per diem is meant for daily business exoenses that you should have spent and if not, it becomes your income. Cash, if declared in ITR is taxable. You can buy personal items like laptop and bring to India instead of cash to avoid taxation.

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Renew Indian passport in USA - Step by step process with my own experience

Renew Indian passport in USA with CKGS by post

 15 Jun, 18 

Indian passport renewal in USA with CKGS. Required documents list, steps to fill forms including NRI online application. Processing time 1-4 weeks. Total 3 photos. Indian address proof required only if printed on new passport. Fees and shipping paid online directly to CKGS. No police verification done.

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Indian police clearance certificate

How to get Indian police clearance certificate from Indian Embassy

 13 Jun, 18 

Indian police clearance certificate from Indian Embassy for Immigration to Australia and Canada if you have lived in India in past 10 years. Valid Visa, Address Proof, Original passport needs to be sent to Indian consulate. Fees is USD 27. Processing time varies from 4-5 days to 4-6 weeks.

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