USCIS increase premium processing fees to $1441

USCIS Increase Premium Processing Fees to $1410

 30 Aug, 18 

USCIS increase premium processing fees from current $1225 to $1410 starting Sep 30, 2018 for all fast track applications including H1B due to inflation.


USCIS Sample Application Withdrawal Letter

 30 Aug, 18 

USCIS Sample Application withdrawal letter for H4-EAD, I-765 or any petition. Receipt notice, withdrawal reason required. Check receipt number to find USCIS office.

HR 6136 bill to remove country based green card limits

HR 6136 Bill to Remove Country based Green Card Caps

 22 Aug, 18 

HR 6136 aims to remove country based green card caps which are capped at 7% per country today. Merit based visa system will help H1B workers to get faster green card.

H4 dependent has to leave USA when he turns 21 with Dad working on H1B and waiting for Green card

Do H4 Dependent has to Leave US when he turns 21 with dad on H1B waiting for Green Card?

 26 Jul, 18 

Yes, you will have to leave unless your parents (including you) get their Green card before your turn 21 due to ‘Ageing out’ in USA immigration law.

Indian H1B denial rate vs Others

Indian H1B, L1 Denials and RFE Doubled Under Trump

 25 Jul, 18 

USCIS data analysis reveals Indian H1B and L1 Denials doubled under Trump government. Increased RFE (request for Evidence) for 'Speciality Occupation' proof.

h1b green card increase by 45-percent

HR 4760 Bill increase legal skilled H1B EB1, EB2 and EB3 green cards

 21 Jun, 18 

HR 4760 bill to remove family chain migration thereby increasing green card quota for skilled legal immigration by 45%. EB1, EB2 and EB3 category to benefit.