Work in USA – H1B, L Visa

H1b holder can study in USA while working

Can H1B or L1 Study in USA While Working Full Time?

 8 Feb, 19 

H1B can study in USA while working full time without F1 visa including H4, L1. Eligible for in-state tuition. Full time MBA allowed. Employer can pay tutition fees.

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Fingerprinting after dropbox with form 221(g) green slip

Fingerprinting after Dropbox – No Visa Passport Pick Up with Green Slip

 13 Jan, 19 

Visit US embassy for fingerprinting after dropbox between 10:30 to 11 AM any day, no appointment with original passport, i797. Processing time 3-10 working days.

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Trump plans to end citizenship to US born kids

Trump Planning for No US citizenship to New Born Kid: HR 140

 8 Jan, 19 

No US citizenship for US born kid - Trump plans an executive order to stop birthright citizenship to any non-green card holder including H1B, L, B1/B2 visa.

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Can you get new car loan on on H1B or L1 visa?

H1B Visa Buy New or Used Car In USA?

 4 Jan, 19 

Can you buy a new Car while on H1B or L1 work visas in USA. Should you buy an old car or a new car. Can you get car loan for new car. Yes, you can.

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Get Green card fast on H1B if US born citizen child sponsors?

Get green card fast on H1B if my kid is born US citizen?

 4 Jan, 19 

Yes, kid can sponsor his parent working on H1B visa in USA for a Green card, but only if he is 21 or older under family immigration with proof of financial support.

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Multiple h1b jobs at the same time with concurrent h1b

Concurrent H1B allows Multiple H1B Jobs at the same time

 4 Jan, 19 

Concurrent H1B allows worker to be employed by several employers concurrently (at the same time). Multiple H1b jobs can be in completely different fields and full time. All concurrent h1b should be based on primary H1B. Primary H1B employer does not need to be informed about concurrent H1B.

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