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HR 1044 Remove country-based green card limits

HR 1044 – Remove Country Based Green Card Limits

 23 Apr, 19 

HR 1044 is modified version of HR 392 to remove green card country limits. Will benefit Indian and Chinese H1B workers. Apporved I-140 will get GC first.

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Registered power of attorney for property management in India

Registered Power of Attorney In India – NRI – Possession of Property

 23 Apr, 19 

Registered power of Attorney In India required if you are NRI with Indian Embassy attestation. Sample POA template to register in SDM or registrar office.

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US visa dropbox eligibility check

US Visa Dropbox Eligibility Checker India 2019

 23 Apr, 19 

US visa dropbox eligibility checker 2019. H1B to H4 COS stamping eligible for dropbox due to same class H. Visa fees required. Admin processing not eligible.

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Can I apply first H4 EAD along with my H1 extension?

 22 Apr, 19 

Hi Anil, Appreciate all your efforts on answering our Questions! I got my I-140 Approved just few days back and Have an H1 Extension in another 2 months. Can i apply My wife’s first H4 EAD Application(not an extension) along with my H1 extension? I am planning to apply my H1 extension in premium, can  … Read more

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Automatic ReValidation H1b visa Canada Mexico

Automatic ReValidation H1B Canada Mexico

 22 Apr, 19 

Automatic revalidation H1B Canada or Mexico cruise or land or air allowed with un-expired i94 for short travel of 30 days or less. H1B to H4 COS allowed.

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Sample H1b Approval i797a form

Steps After H1B Lottery – Chances of H1B Rejection, Approval

 22 Apr, 19 

Steps after H1B Lottery - approval, denial or RFE. Premium approval between May 20-June4. Visa stamp for consular processing. New i94 with change of status.

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