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H4 Biometric Appointment with H1B premium processing in 3-15 days after fingerprints. Use H4 physical address for nearest center. Reschedule allowed. No refund.

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H4 EAD Approval After Biometric

H4 EAD is taking 60 days to get approval after biometric. H4 extension is also processed at same time as H4 EAD. The case was filed in H1B + H4 in premium.

H1B, H4 and H4 EAD filed together in premium will get H1B approval within 3-15 days. Earlier, after calling USCIS, we confirmed that H4 and H4 EAD are being moved to regular processing queue after bio-metrics are completed.

H4 Biometric appointment is scheduled after an average of 17 to 20 days from the date of filing. H4 Biometric appointment experience says that you can expect appointment letter after 8-12 days of filing H4 application.

Appointment letter will be issued irrespective of whether H1B is approved or H1B gets RFE. You should attend the fingerprinting appointment in both cases.

Documents Required for H4 Biometrics

  1. Biometric appointment notice (Form I-797C)
  2. Valid photo identification – Original – Green Card, Passport, US driver’s license or State ID card

H4 Biometric Appointment i797C Form

There is no separate USCIS biometrics form. You just fill the H4 extension form i539 and USCIS automatically creates an appointment for you.

Sample H4 biometric Appointment letter
Sample H4 biometric Appointment letter

Your appointment notice (Form I-797C, Notice of Action) will include the date, time and location for your ASC (Application Support Center) appointment.

There is no dress code for Biometrics. Cell phones are not allowed inside ASC center and should be left in your car.

What Happens at Biometric Center?

You need to fill an application information worksheet at the Biometric Center which has name, DOB, eye and hair color, height and weight.

Biometric center application-information worksheet
Biometric center application-information worksheet

You are given a token number. Wait for your turn and then they click your photo and take finger prints. Make sure that your signature matches the one you did on your form i539 while filing the application.

They stamp your biometric appointment letter once process is complete as a proof. The status on USCIS site may change to ‘Fingerprint Review was completed‘.

This stamped letter can be used in your child’s school leave application as a reason for taking off.

Biometric appointment paper stamped-after fingerprints and photo
Biometric appointment paper stamped after fingerprints and photo

Biometric Walk In at ASC Center closer to Home?

ASC center allows you to get Biometric done at a center closer to your home even though the appointment is scheduled at distant place.

One user shared that they gave fingerprints by walk-in to an ASC center in California even when her appointment was set up at Dallas center.

Be careful while filling form i-539 as the H4 EAD biometric appointment center will be automatically assigned by USCIS to your closest address mentioned on the form.

ASC centers also allow you to walk-in to the center even before the day of your appointment and complete biometric. We suggest to visit between 2 PM to 3.30 PM as they are mostly less crowded and will honor your walk-in.

Is H4 Biometric Required for Child?

Biometric is required for everyone including child of any age.

Kids older than 14 years have to sign themselves at Biometric center.

Children younger than 14 are not required to sign themselves at ASC center. A parent can sign.


H4 Biometric Experience #1 – H4 result Awaited

  • Mar 27 – Mailed forms I-129, I-539 and I-765 via FedEx to Nebraska Service Center
  • Mar 28 – H1B receipt notice received via email [11 pm CDT] as it is premium. Regular applications wait for paper receipt notice 7-21 days.
  • Apr 1 – USCIS cash check for H4 Extension and H4 EAD (your personal bank account would be debited if you used personal check.)
  • Apr 2 – H-1B Approved – USCIS official email [11 pm CDT]
    • H1B extension in premium approved in 6 days of Receipt Date.
  • Apr 4 – Receipt notice for H4 and H4 EAD received.
  • Apr 5 – Biometric appointment received.
    • H4 Biometrics Appointment notice received in 9 days after filing.
  • Apr 16 – Biometrics appointment for I-539
    • H4 Biometrics appointment date scheduled – 20 days after filing date.
  • H4 and H4 EAD approval pending. The USCIS online status shows ‘fingerprinting completed’ for both H4.

H4 Biometric Experience #2 – H4 result Awaited

  • Apr 9 – Mailed forms I-129 (H1B) , I-539 (H4) and I-765 (H4-EAD) via FedEx to Nebraska Service Center
  • Apr 10 – H1B receipt notice via email as it is premium.
  • Apr 13 – USCIS cash H4 EAD fees
  • Apr 15 – H4, H4 EAD receipt notice + H4 biometric appointment notice received.
    1. Biometric Date April 30, 2019.
    2.  H4 Biometrics Appointment notice received in 5 days after filing
  • Apr 19 – H1B approved 9 days after receipt date.
  • Apr 26 – Biometrics completed by Walk-in at 3 PM even though appointment was for Apr 30, 2019.
  • H4 and H4 EAD approval awaited. The USCIS online status still shows ‘Case was received’ for both H4 and H4 EAD application after biometrics.

Is Biometrics Required for H4 EAD?

Biometrics are not required if you are filing only H4 -EAD application alone.

If you are filing both H4 extension and H4 EAD, then H4 extension needs biometric fingerprints.

Reschedule Biometrics Appointment USCIS

You can choose to re-schedule the H4 extension Biometrics appointment if the ASC center is too far from your home.

We have seen that people are receiving appointment at a center which is somewhere in state IL, 10 hours drive from  whereas the person is physically located i.e. in Tennessee.

This could happen if your attorney used his OWN address instead of the H4’s physical address to fill form i-539.

USCIS Biometrics Fees Refund

There is no USCIS biometrics fees refund if you do not appear for your fingerprints appointment.

You can only re-schedule your appointment without paying new fees of $85.

Reference: USCIS

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  1. Tripura
    Tripura 15 Jul, 19 at 2:58 pm

    Hello Anil,
    We have applied h1, h4 and h4 ead extensions all together in premium, h1 got approved, h4 biometrics was done, but haven’t received h4 ead receipt and its been 3 weeks since we applied.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 15 Jul, 19 at 6:05 pm

      Check with your employer. They must have got the H4 and H4EAD receipts.

      • Tripura
        Tripura 15 Jul, 19 at 6:25 pm

        Our employer also received H4 receipt and H4 biometrics letter only. We both haven’t received EAD receipt

        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 15 Jul, 19 at 9:00 pm

          Who’s mailing address was mentioned in H4 EAD i765 form?

          • Tripura
            Tripura 15 Jul, 19 at 9:26 pm

            Our home address

            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 15 Jul, 19 at 9:34 pm

              In that case, you should have got the receipt by now.

              Try calling USCIS.

  2. Santhi
    Santhi 12 Jul, 19 at 2:32 pm

    Hello ,

    I wanted to check if anyone’s H4 and H4 EAD got approved (or) received H4 EAD card recently.I have done with my bio- metric in the first week of june and waiting for the EAD card . Does anyone know how long would it take to receive H4 EAD after biometric appointment?


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 12 Jul, 19 at 4:41 pm

      Check the cases for H4 EAD approval after biometics here.

    • Renjith
      Renjith 26 Jul, 19 at 9:12 am


      Our H4 EAD application with receipt date of April 23 2019 was approved on July 24 2019 under normal processing. Waiting to receive the card and approval notice in mail. Vermont processing center


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