Is USCIS Approving i485 Without Interview in COVID-19?

Multiple people report USCIS is approving applications faster in COVID-19 closures. i485 AOS without interview. H1B extension regular in 2 weeks approved.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated  6 Apr, 20

It seems USCIS is approving i485 cases without any personal interview in Coronavirus emergency along with giving H1B extension approvals within 2-8 weeks without premium.

USCIS has currently closed all their offices and canceled all in-person appointments including i485 adjustment of status interviews.

If this is true as shared on twitter, COVID-19 may have just brought good luck for many applicants.

i485 Approvals without Interview

The reduction of in-person interviews for an employment-based green card will certainly speed up i485 processing time. Nobody ever thought that you can get to see your green card faster than normal in Coronvirus national emergency.

Have you got your green card approval after the interview cancellation? Share the data with us and let others benefit from your experience:

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H1B Extension Regular Approval in 2 Weeks

On another note, some people have also reported that their H1B extension has been approved within 2 weeks without premium processing. Looks like USCIS is on a roll and distributing Christmas cookies! Enjoy.

If your H1B extension or transfer has been approved faster than usual in regular, then please help us collect data here:

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If it is true, then people who are planning to keep their existing H1B job and still trying to join the new employer on transfer receipt may feel better!


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta           

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  1. anonymous

    That will be really great if they are doing approvals this fast.

  2. anonymous46

    Just applied H1 and H4 and EAD application on April 03. Will let you know once I hear back from them.

  3. anonymous

    They are issuing green cards with PD current date or even not current?

  4. anil_am22

    Offcourse, your GC date should be current to file i485 and get an approval. Its just that USCIS is approving it without an interview.

  5. anonymous42

    One of My friend received H1+H4+H4EAD approval today .
    H1+H4+H4EAD all three are extensions and applied together in premium
    Center: Nebraska
    Uscis received date : Feb 15
    RFE : Feb 21st
    RFE response received by USCIS: Apr 02
    Approval : APR 07th (All approved together )

  6. Eduardo_Martins

    Any updates on issuing GC withou interview? Thanks

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