Margin money home loan india - How the payment is divided between you and bank?

Margin Money in Home Loan with Indian Bank

 19 Apr, 18 

  • Margin money in home loan India construction linked plan is paid with bank payments to builder
  • Use personal loan, top loan to arrange margin money with SBI, HDFC home loan
  • Bank safe-guards itself by asking consumer to pool money from their pocket and maintain bank's share in total loan disbursement

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Google cloud CDN

Google cloud CDN set up for WordPress | Discourse

 19 Apr, 18 

  • Google cloud CDN set up for wordpress or Discouse
  • Step by step guide for Google Load balancer, back end service with HTTPS certificate set up
  • Wordpress runs super fast with caching rules set up by caching plugin

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Old Check with printed address is valid to issue even if you change your address in USA

Order New Checks on Address Change in USA?

 17 Apr, 18 

  • You can use the checks with old printed address when you move to new one
  • Change your address in Bank records but the old checks will still work

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Passport stolen with US visa

Passport with US Visa Stamp Stolen? How to get new Visa Stamp?

 17 Apr, 18 

  • Passport with US visa stolen should be reported to Police and US embassy by email
  • Visa is cancelled and needs to be issued again by US embassy to re-enter USA
  • Visa cannot be replaced within USA
  • Keep scanned copies of passport and US Visa handy

H1B 60 day Grace period

H1B 60 days grace period USCIS rule – H4 EAD Validity

 17 Apr, 18 

  • H1B 60 days grace period is allowed if you are laid off due to the circumstances beyond your control
  • USCIS does not need a separate request or application for using grace days
  • H4 EAD remains valid during 60 grace days
  • Grace period is less if your i94 expires earlier than 60 days

USA B1/B2 visitor visa process and documents

Apply Visitor Visa, B1 B2, for family, relative, friend – Document list

 17 Apr, 18 

  • Document required for B1/B2 visitor visa
  • Sample Employment, Consulate and sponsorship letters
  • Multiple entry tourist visa for parents
  • Stay in USA for up-to 6 months in one stretch