Cost of sending iphone to India from USA

iPhone XR, XS Max to India from USA 2018 – Custom Duty, GST Tax Calculator

 26 Nov, 18 

Sending phone to India is expensive (custom duty + GST Tax) than buying in India. Mark as Gift does not help. Carrying and not declaring at Indian airport custom evades duty but not safe.

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Passport stolen with US visa

Passport with US Visa Stamp Stolen? How to get new Visa Stamp?

 21 Nov, 18 

Passport with US visa stolen - report local Police. Report US embassy by email with copy of passport and visa. New Visa required for re-entry. Old Visa Cancelled.

sbi maxgain home loan account helps earn more interest than savings account if you plan carefuly

SBI Maxgain Home Loan Account – Park Money – Higher Savings

 15 Nov, 18 

SBI maxgain home loan account - set off high loan interest outgo tax free. Surplus amount withdrawal allowed after possession, full disbursement of loan.

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Google cloud CDN

Google cloud CDN set up for WordPress | Discourse

 12 Nov, 18 

Google cloud CDN set up for wordpress or Discouse. Step by step guide for Google Load balancer, back end service with HTTPS certificate set up. Wordpress runs super fast with caching rules set up by caching plugin.

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i94 Extension after Passport Renewal in USA

i94 Extension after Passport Renewal in USA

 12 Nov, 18 

i94 extension after passport renewal without crossing border - $6 fees. Or re-enter US - no fees. Or File i539 extension of status with USCIS - fees $370.

PTE vs IELTS English test comparison

IELTS vs PTE which English test is easier – My experience

 6 Nov, 18 

IELTS vs PTE Academic, PTE easier to score than IELTS. Score 79+ easily in computer based PTE with one week of preparation. IELTS paper is checked by human.

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