Income Tax on Google Adsense Income In India from YouTube Blog

 27 Aug, 18 

Indian income tax on google adsense from wordpress, website or youtube channel by salaried professional. Pay advance tax if total tax per year > 10k.

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HR 6136 bill to remove country based green card limits

HR 6136 Bill to Remove Country based Green Card Caps

 22 Aug, 18 

HR 6136 aims to remove country based green card caps which are capped at 7% per country today. Merit based visa system will help H1B workers to get faster green card.

2048 bit CSR generation

Generate Lets Encrypt Free HTTPS SSL Certificate

 9 Aug, 18 

Generate 2048 bit https certificate for use with google load balancer or AWS cloud. Step by step process to get free SSL cert with zeroSSL online service using Lets Encrypt signing authority.

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H4 dependent has to leave USA when he turns 21 with Dad working on H1B and waiting for Green card

Do H4 Dependent has to Leave US when he turns 21 with dad on H1B waiting for Green Card?

 26 Jul, 18 

Yes, you will have to leave unless your parents (including you) get their Green card before your turn 21 due to ‘Ageing out’ in USA immigration law.

Indian H1B denial rate vs Others

Indian H1B, L1 Denials and RFE Doubled Under Trump

 25 Jul, 18 

USCIS data analysis reveals Indian H1B and L1 Denials doubled under Trump government. Increased RFE (request for Evidence) for 'Speciality Occupation' proof.


EPF vs PPF Vs VPF – CTC and Salary Slip

 25 Jul, 18 

Compare Employer Provident Fund (EPF) vs PPF (Public Provident Fund) vs VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund). EPF, VPF @12% of basic. Open all EPF+VPF and PPF.

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