Cost of taking home loan in India - Expenses and Fees That you need to pay

Cost of Home Loan in India – All Expenses listed

 4 Jan, 18 

Cost of home loan In India includes processing fees, home loan insurance, home insurance premium, legal adviser fees, property valuation fees.

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Cost To Company India - How does it differ from Take Home Salary

What is CTC? Difference between CTC Package & Net Salary?

 1 Jan, 18 

CTC full form is Cost To Company. It means total salary package and benefits received by employee in a year including free meals, cabs, interest free loans.

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Migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to Google compute engine VM

Migrate WordPress – Amazon AWS EC2 to Google Compute Engine

 30 Dec, 17 

Steps to migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to google compute engine using Bitnami image. Linux server VM with 3.75 GB memory. WP Super Cache settings.

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2048 bit CSR generation

Generate Lets Encrypt Free HTTPS SSL Certificate

 24 Dec, 17 

Generate 2048 bit https certificate for use with google load balancer or AWS cloud. Step by step process to get free SSL cert with zeroSSL online service using Lets Encrypt signing authority.

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Load FaceBook Like Box on Scroll Asynchronously

 19 Dec, 17 

Load facebook like box on scroll after page load using JQuery. Ajax load of FB LIKE widget allows asynchronous script and CSS to improve page load speed.

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Load Disqus Comments On Scroll – On Demand – On Click

 18 Dec, 17 

Tried and tested JQuery code to load Disqus on Scroll. Use it to load Disqus comments on demand with a click in WordPress as well. No Plugins required.

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