H1B visa approved but status is Administrative processing

H1B Visa Approved but Status is Administrative Processing

 21 Apr, 18 

H1B visa approved but CEAC status is Administrative processing

Renew i94 after passport renewal in USA

i94 Correction after Passport expiry and renewal in US

 20 Apr, 18 

i94 extension after passport renewal at CBP office in Texas, California or Arizona only without crossing border - $6 fees


LTA – Leave Travel Allowance, Income Tax Rules explained

 20 Apr, 18 

LTA is leave travel allowance meant for making tax exempt holiday once in period of two years with or without family

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Multiple h1b jobs at the same time with concurrent h1b

Concurrent H1B allows Multiple H1B Jobs at the same time

 19 Apr, 18 

Concurrent H1B allows worker to be employed by several employers concurrently (at the same time)

Can you get new car loan on on H1B or L1 visa?

H1B Visa Buy New or Used Car In USA?

 19 Apr, 18 

Can you buy a new Car while on H1B or L1 work visas in USA

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Migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to Google compute engine VM

Migrate WordPress – Amazon AWS EC2 to Google Compute Engine

 19 Apr, 18 

Steps to migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to google compute engine using Bitnami image

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