H1 to h4 to H1b change of status

H1 to H4 to H1B Can I work from receipt date?

 15 Nov, 18 

H1 to H4 to H1B change of status cannot work from receipt date. H1B COS should be approved to move from H4 to H1B. H1B to H1B transfer can work on receipt.

Prove Employer Employee relationship for H1b RFE

Documents for H1B Employer Employee Relationship Proof – RFE

 15 Nov, 18 

Prove Employer Employee relationship H1B or i140 RFE with pay stubs, W2, Employment contract, performance review, Health insurance, PTO, daily work emails.

Indian police clearance certificate

How to get Indian police clearance certificate (PCC) – Indian Embassy

 14 Nov, 18 

Indian police clearance certificate - PCC from Indian Embassy. Immigrate to Australia, Canada. Processing time 4 day - 6 week. Fees USD 27. Valid Visa, Address Proof, Passport.

153 Australia

Sample Skill Letter USA for Green Card PERM Application

 14 Nov, 18 

Sample skill letter USA for H1B PERM Green card I140 processing from previous employer letterhead. Experience letter from colleague works with notarization.

84 USA
Registered power of attorney for property management in India

Registered Power of Attorney In India – NRI – Possession of Property

 14 Nov, 18 

Registered power of Attorney In India required if you are NRI with Indian Embassy attestation. Sample POA template to register in SDM or registrar office.

516 Finance
Multiple h1b jobs at the same time with concurrent h1b

Concurrent H1B allows Multiple H1B Jobs at the same time

 13 Nov, 18 

Concurrent H1B allows worker to be employed by several employers concurrently (at the same time). Multiple H1b jobs can be in completely different fields and full time. All concurrent h1b should be based on primary H1B. Primary H1B employer does not need to be informed about concurrent H1B.