USCIS Sample Application Withdrawal Letter

 14 May, 18 

  • USCIS Sample Application withdrawal letter for H4-EAD, I-130, I-765 or any other petition type
  • There is no official USCIS form for cancellation of application
  • Copy of USCIS receipt notice and withdrawal reason is required
  • Send letter to USCIS office working on your application by checking receipt number code

2048 bit CSR generation

Generate Lets Encrypt Free HTTPS SSL Certificate

 11 May, 18 

  • Generate 2048 bit https certificate for use with google load balancer or AWS cloud
  • Step by step process to get free SSL cert with zeroSSL online service using Lets Encrypt signing authority

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EB2 India Predictions – 20 years average wait time, 70 years worst case

 11 May, 18 

  • EB2 India Predictions for Green card is average of 20 years with worst case as 70 years wait time
  • H1B Indian workers with priority date Jan 2019 and later have been standing at same spot in queue that they started with
  • Only 2879 Green cards issued to EB2 India families in 2017-18 counted separately for each member

Attestation of Power Of Attorney At Indian Consulate

Attestation of Power of Attorney at Indian Consulate – USA

 8 May, 18 

  • Attestation of Power of Attorney at Indian Consulate is required to get POA registered in India for property management
  • Notary is NOT same as Attestation
  • Original passport, US address proof, Valid US legal status and 2 passport photo required
  • US citizens need Apostile by state secretary before attestation

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Unspent Per Diem Received Abroad is Taxable In India

 7 May, 18 

  • Unspent per diem allowance is taxable in India if you bring it back
  • Per diem is meant for daily business exoenses that you should have spent and if not, it becomes your income
  • Cash, if declared in ITR is taxable
  • You can buy personal items like laptop and bring to India instead of cash to avoid taxation

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GPS in Smartphone

Does GPS SmartPhone Use Data – Mobile Internet Plan?

 6 May, 18 

  • GPS in smartphone uses mobile internet data if you don't have maps downloaded on smartphone
  • Google maps has offline maps feature save mobile data
  • Global Positioning Service - GPS is provided free of cost by satellite everywhere
  • Data will be used to get maps on the go with T Mobile, Verizon, At&T, Airtel, Vodafone

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