Perquisite value of company leased accomodation

Tax on Company Leased Accomodation – CLA Perquisite Value

 3 May, 18 

  • Calculate Company Leased Accommodation tax
  • Complex CLA rules for income tax in easy terms
  • HRA vs CLA decision should be made to get maximum tax benefits

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Multiple h1b jobs at the same time with concurrent h1b

Concurrent H1B allows Multiple H1B Jobs at the same time

 30 Apr, 18 

  • Concurrent H1B allows worker to be employed by several employers concurrently (at the same time)
  • Multiple H1b jobs can be in completely different fields and full time
  • All concurrent h1b should be based on primary H1B
  • Primary H1B employer does not need to be informed about concurrent H1B

Food coupons are tax exempted and help you buy grocery too

Food Coupons or Meal Vouchers help Increase in-hand Salary – India

 30 Apr, 18 

  • Food coupons help you save income tax on purchases, increasing your in hand salary
  • Legally, Meal vouchers are Tax exempted to Rs 50 per meal during working hours
  • Buying grocery is allowed including payment by food card at restaurants, sweet Shops, bakeries, food outlets (Pizza hut, KFC, Subway) Big Bazaar retail

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Loan from public sector or private sector bank? Evaluate costs, loan process, after sales service with re-payment, pre-payment and flexibility

Loan From Government Bank Vs Private Bank – Whats The Difference?

 29 Apr, 18 

  • Compare Loan from private vs public bank India
  • Public banks offer low processing fees, faster reduction in interest rate with RBI REPO rate reduction, no pre-payment charges and no pre-payment period restriction
  • Private bank have faster processing, good customer care but high interest rates and charges

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i140 H1B extension or transfer after 6 years

i140 H1B extension or transfer after 6 years

 28 Apr, 18 

  • i140 h1b extension after 6 years in 3 year chunks possible with current or new employer
  • USCIS allows H1B transfer to new employer with approved i-140 from previous employer
  • H1B Extension after 6 years without i-140 is possible for 7th year if PERM is pending for 365+ (including Audit) days

Cost of taking home loan in India - Expenses and Fees That you need to pay

Cost of Home Loan in India – All Expenses listed

 26 Apr, 18 

  • Cost of home loan In India includes processing fees, home loan insurance, home insurance premium, legal adviser fees, property valuation fees
  • These costs are not part of loan
  • Home loan insurance can act a loan guarantor if needed in government bank
  • Plan for expenses before applying housing mortgage

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