LTA – Leave Travel Allowance, Income Tax Rules explained

 9 Feb, 18 

LTA is leave travel allowance meant for making tax exempt holiday once in period of two years. Air travel, train ticket cost, hotel and taxi bills allowed.

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Tax Treatment for Google Adsense Blogging Income In India

 7 Feb, 18 

Indian income tax on google adsense income from wordpress, website or youtube channel. Advance tax to pay if total tax per year is more than 10,000. No service tax to be paid by adsense publisher. Salaried person can also have adsense income.

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Cost of Home Apartment India - Basic Sale Price And Other Costs Explained

Cost of Home Apartment India – Basic Sale Price explained

 7 Feb, 18 

Cost of Home Apartment India is the list of hidden costs that you have to pay when you buy a private builder flat in India including BSP, EDC, IDC.

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Cost of sending iphone to India from USA

iPhone to India from USA – Custom Duty, Shipping Cost of sending

 6 Feb, 18 

Total cost including custom duty, shipping and other taxes to ship iphone to India from USA is about 66,300 and 73,926. Custom duty and exchange rate make it expensive.

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How Jewellers Earn Money

Jewellers Are Rich, Here Is How They Earn

 6 Feb, 18 

Jewelers in India make money by pricing at 24 carat and selling you 18 carat gold. Buy BIS mark gold for safe deal.

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GPS in Smartphone

Does GPS In SmartPhone Use Internet Data Plan?

 6 Feb, 18 

GPS in smartphone does use internet if you don’t have maps downloaded. Google maps has offline maps saving feature and may not use mobile data.

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