Buy house on H1b visa

Does buying house on H1B Visa in USA make sense?

 16 Nov, 18 

Buying house on H1B Visa is risky but may be profitable if you stay in it for at-least 5 years. Home price drop in US pretty fast based on city and capacity to expand.

Renew Indian passport in USA - Step by step process with my own experience

Renew Indian passport in USA with CKGS by post

 16 Nov, 18 

Indian passport renewal USA, Documents list, NRI online application form. CKGS Processing time 1-4 weeks, 3 photo. No police verification. US legal status.

2k USA
H1B visa approved but status is Administrative processing

H1B Visa Approved but Status is Administrative Processing

 16 Nov, 18 

H1B visa approved but CEAC status is Administrative processing. VO said visa Approved. Identity verification - Form 221(g) issued but no documents asked.

84 USA
USCIS status - Name was Updated

USCIS Status – Name was updated, Change of Address Updated

 15 Nov, 18 

USCIS status - Name was updated can happen due to internal name correction to match your paper application. Address change update could be to fix apartment or street number.

Australia skillselect 189 visa medical test

Australia Visa 189 / 190 Visa Medical Test in USA

 15 Nov, 18 

Australia Skilled PR Medical Test cost $350 in USA for blood, Urine, Chest X ray. Health Insurance or HSA card not allowed. HAP ID required from immiaccount .

10 Australia
PTE English Overall high score 85 first attempt

How to score 79+ PTE Academic in a week

 15 Nov, 18 

How to score 79+ in PTE in 1 week. Tried, tested method on how to speak, listen, read and write helped me get 85 points. PTE easier to score than IELTS.

14 Australia