Cost To Company India - How does it differ from Take Home Salary

What is CTC? Difference between CTC Package & Net Salary?

 5 Feb, 18 

CTC full form is Cost To Company. It means total salary package and benefits received by employee in a year including free meals, cabs, interest free loans.

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H4 EAD to be withdrawn by DHS

H4 EAD under threat by DHS rule agenda February 2018 – Bad news

 4 Feb, 18 

DHS is working to withdraw H4-EAD work authorization. The final rule is expected to be out by Feb 2018 end. You can apply for new and renew EAD at this time. SaveJobs Lawsuit will have easy walk through if DHS stops H4-EAD.

Old Check with printed address is valid to issue even if you change your address in USA

Order New Checks on Address Change in USA?

 3 Feb, 18 

You can use the checks with old printed address when you move to new one. Change your address in Bank records but the old checks will still work.

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Loan from public sector or private sector bank? Evaluate costs, loan process, after sales service with re-payment, pre-payment and flexibility

Loan From Government Bank Vs Private Bank – Whats The Difference?

 3 Feb, 18 

Loan from a private or public bank India? Here are the pros and cons of both bank with respect to loans. Decide on your own with these points.

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Sample Skill Letter USA For Green Card Labor Application

 29 Jan, 18 

Sample skill letter USA for Green card. It can also be used in Canada or Australia immigration application as experience certificate with job role and responsibilities.

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Perquisite value of company leased accomodation

Tax on Company Leased Accomodation – CLA Perquisite Value

 29 Jan, 18 

Calculate Company Leased Accommodation tax. Complex CLA rules for income tax in easy terms. HRA vs CLA decision should be made to get maximum tax benefits.

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