Attestation of Power Of Attorney At Indian Consulate

Attestation of Power of Attorney at Indian Consulate – USA

 1 Aug, 18 

Attestation of Power of Attorney at Indian Consulate is required to get POA registered in India for property management. Notary is NOT same as Attestation. Original passport, US address proof, Valid US legal status and 2 passport photo required. US citizens need Apostile by state secretary before attestation.

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Get green card fast on H1B if my kid is born US citizen?

 1 Aug, 18 

Yes, kid can sponsor his parent working on H1B visa in USA for a Green card, but only if he is 21 or older under family immigration with proof of financial support.

FBI police clearance certificate

How to get FBI Clearance Certificate – Visa Immigration

 1 Aug, 18 

FBI clearance certificate for Australia / Canada visa, immigration. Current processing time 3-5 days. USD 18 per person fees. Print fingerprint FD-258 form at home on A4 white paper. Take fingerprints yourself if outside USA or use fingerprinting at Police station in USA. Pay online for fastest result.

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H1B denial can lead to deportation

H1B Extension Denial Can lead to Deportation NTA – USCIS changes policy

 31 Jul, 18 

USCIS policy change allows deportation order after visa denial including H1B extension or transfer. 240 day i94 expiry rule is going to hurt many if visa is denied.

USCIS RFE response review processing time

USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time: 80+ days

 27 Jul, 18 

USCIS RFE Response Review Processing time is 80+ days in 2018 for regular processing applications. Premium processing gets RFE reviewed in 15 days. You get 60 days to respond to RFE. USCIS tries to respond to RFE with maximum of 84 days but can take up-to a year too. USCIS timer starts after RFE response submission.

H4 dependent has to leave USA when he turns 21 with Dad working on H1B and waiting for Green card

Do H4 Dependent has to Leave US when he turns 21 with dad on H1B waiting for Green Card?

 26 Jul, 18 

Yes, you will have to leave unless your parents (including you) get their Green card before your turn 21 due to ‘Ageing out’ in USA immigration law.