Cost of Home Apartment India - Basic Sale Price And Other Costs Explained

Cost of Home Apartment India – Basic Sale Price explained

 6 May, 18 

  • Cost of Home Apartment India is the list of hidden costs that you have to pay when you buy a private builder flat in India including BSP, EDC, IDC, PLC, EEC, FFEC, IDC, EDC and CPC
  • Club membership is charged extra along with car parking space
  • GST tax is payable
  • Power back up, electric, water connection cost

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Avoid Sales Tax gold buying in USA

How to Avoid Sales Tax on Jewelry in USA

 4 May, 18 

  • Avoid Sales tax on Jewelry by purchasing from out of state gold shop and then ship
  • Use tax is due in your state but no tracking is done for small and medium purchases
  • Can pay in cash to avoid tracking, is any
  • Buy gold bars, engagement ring, diamonds from New Jersey and ship it your home address outside NJ/NY

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How Jewellers Earn Money

How Jewelers make Money by selling Gold Ornaments at market rate?

 4 May, 18 

  • How jewelers make money in India is by pricing at 24 carat and selling you 18 carat gold
  • Non gold extras like paint, artificial add-ons are added to gold weight
  • Buy BIS mark gold for safe deal
  • Making, polishing, design charges are source of profit
  • Seller buys back its own gold at lower rate by deducting 10-20%

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Green Card Process with Employer Sponsorship

 4 May, 18 

  • Green card process has 3 main steps: PERM, I140 and I485
  • Minimum processing time is about 2 years and max is defined by your country's queue
  • India & china have long waiting time
  • Premium processing available for I-140 applications and allows 3 year H1B extensions and H4-EAD
  • Skill letter needed for PERM Audit

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Automatic ReValidation H1b visa Canada Mexico

Automatic ReValidation H1B Canada Mexico

 4 May, 18 

  • Automatic revalidation H1B Canada or Mexico cruise or land or air is allowed with un-expired i94 for short travel of 30 days or less
  • H1B to H4 status change is allowed for revalidation at port of entry
  • Visit to US embassy for new Visa stamp and returning with pending or denied stamp is NOT eligible for revalidation

USPS Fedex final package

Sending Used Mobile to India Custom Duty from USA – GST Tax

 3 May, 18 

  • Mobile to India custom duty with GST Tax, paid by buyer or receiver
  • Sending used mobile from USA by USPS (Fedex delivery) in India
  • Process for courier custom clearance, sample custom forms
  • Receiver's PAN Card, Passport size Photograph and ID proof needed for custom clearance
  • No custom duty on gift up-to 10k INR

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