H1B 60 days Grace period

H1B 60 days grace period USCIS rule – H4 EAD Validity

 1 Nov, 18 

H1B 60 days grace period allowed on lay off. No application to be sent to USCIS. H4 EAD remains valid during 60 grace days. Grace = i94 expiry or 60 days.

ACS Assessment Work Experience calculation

ACS Work Experience ‘After Month’ Calculation

 31 Oct, 18 

ACS work experience 'After month' date means the day in same month can be used as start date in Australia EOI, not the next month. 2 or 4 yrs deducted.

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H1B Visa work from home

How can I work from home on H1B visa?

 30 Oct, 18 

H1B Work from home with address in LCA. Different state/city allowed. File H1B amendment if home in different MSA. Post LCA at home or employer's headquarters.

Australia PR processing time

Current Australia PR Processing Time – 189 visa – 8 month, 190 – 7 month

 30 Oct, 18 

Australia 189 PR Visa processing time = 8 to 11 months. 190 PR Visa = 7 to 8 months. 190 PR is processed faster than 189 due to less number of applications.

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OFC appointment documents required for US visa Biometrics

US Visa OFC appointment documents and process

 30 Oct, 18 

OFC appointment documents - Original passport, Appointment Confirmation Page, DS-160 confirmation Page. Fingerprint and US visa photo taken at OFC center.

Leaving TCS at Onsite - Bond Breaking and Skill letter issues and answers

Leaving TCS Onsite – Skill Letter for Green Card

 30 Oct, 18 

Leaving TCS onsite governed by US laws. No bond money $10k is charged. Join direct client payroll. Complete Full & final settlement to get skill letter for green card.

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