Laredo bridge1 crossing half way on bridge

i94 Extension Laredo TX US Mexico Border – Bridge 1 experience

 25 Jun, 18 

i94 extension laredo TX can be done by crossing border and walking on bridge 1 (gateway to America) or without crossing border at CBP office. Immigration officer will decide how to do it. $6 fees for new paper i94. $1 fees for using bridge 1. New passport, old passport with US visa stamp, approved i797 required.

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h1b green card increase by 45-percent

HR 4760 Bill increase legal skilled H1B EB1, EB2 and EB3 green cards

 21 Jun, 18 

HR 4760 bill to remove family chain migration thereby increasing green card quota for skilled legal immigration by 45%. EB1, EB2 and EB3 category to benefit.

Australia 189-190 visa invitation documents

Australia 189 / 190 visa Invitation Documents and Steps

 21 Jun, 18 

Australia skillselect PR invitation steps and documents required for 189/ 190 Visa application. Police clearance certificates, Medical test report, education, work experience assessment required. Marriage and birth certificate needed for dependents. Fees 3600 AUD for Adult and AUD 900 for child less than 18.

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Cost To Company India - How does it differ from Take Home Salary

What is CTC? Difference between CTC Package & Net Salary?

 17 Jun, 18 

CTC full form is Cost To Company. It means total salary package and benefits received by employee in a year including free meals, cabs, interest free loans. CTC = Direct benefits + Indirect benefits + Saving Contributions. Take Home pay = Direct Benefits – Income tax – Employee PF – Other deductions, if any

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Migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to Google compute engine VM

Migrate WordPress – Amazon AWS EC2 to Google Compute Engine

 9 Jun, 18 

Steps to migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to google compute engine using Bitnami image. Linux server VM with 3.75 GB memory. WP Super Cache settings.

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Leaving TCS at Onsite - Bond Breaking and Skill letter issues and answers

Leaving TCS Onsite – Skill Letter for Green Card

 8 Jun, 18 

Leaving TCS onsite is governed by US laws. No bond money $10k is charged. You can join client directly with no issues. Complete Full and final settlement to get skill letter for green card. Legally, project loss fees could be charged on your name with short notice period. Normally, they do not charge any money.

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