USCIS FOIA request for I-140 information

USCIS FOIA request for I-140 information

 25 Apr, 18 

  • Use USCIS FOIA request for getting I-140 approval notice if your employer is not sharing
  • FOIA request form G-639 (sample) by email / post with $0 filing fees
  • Notarization of form is optional but recommended
  • I140 request is counted as Track 1 with Processing time 2 months
  • No supporting documents required

Home loan insurance can act as your guarantor, if you do not have any

Home-Loan Insurance as Loan Guarantor in India

 25 Apr, 18 

  • Get home loan without guarantor by using Home Loan insurance
  • Bank needs a loan guarantor for approving home loan in India
  • Home-loan insurance can be a collateral security if relatives can't help
  • Premium is high
  • Insurance is only for loan and Home property insurance is separate
  • Premium can be paid monthly with EMI

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CTC re-structuring to increase in hand salary

CTC re-structuring to maximize in-Hand salary in India

 25 Apr, 18 

  • Use conveyance, medical, telephone, education, HRA, LTA, training, qualification allowances to pay for services without paying income tax
  • They can be part of your CTC and help you increase your in-hand salary

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EPF vs PPF Vs VPF With Respect To CTC And Salary Slip

 24 Apr, 18 

  • Compare Employer Provident Fund (EPF) vs PPF (Public Provident Fund) vs VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund)
  • EPF is part of employee CTC and is added to employee VPF by employer @12%
  • VPF is contributed by employee from his monthly gross @12%
  • PPF is separate PF account for public
  • One person can have both EPF+VPF and PPF

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When am I out of Status in USA?

When am I Out of Status in USA?

 21 Apr, 18 

  • You are out of status in USA if your i94 has expired
  • Filing visa extension with USCIS before i94 expiry is legal with period of authorized stay by attorney general
  • Unlawful presence starts when the i94 has expired and your visa is not valid either
  • H1B can stay & work upto 240 days if extension is pending decision

H1B visa does not qualify you fro driving Uber / Lyft

Drive Uber or Lyft Taxi on H1B visa in USA?

 21 Apr, 18 

  • Driving Uber on H1B is a violation of your status
  • Driving is not a specialty job as required by H1B
  • You can work for other jobs like high technology in Uber or Lyft as a company if they file and get your H1B approved
  • F1 visa students are not allowed to do driving jobs either in USA