Am I Ten Printed Meaning for DS-160 form US Visa

Ten printed means both hand's 10 finger prints taken by US government. Form DS-160 - NO if first time US visa. Else, say 'YES'. Don't remember, answer 'NO'.

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Ten Printed Meaning

Ten printed means your both hand’s finger prints (All fingers including thumbs make it 10) have been provided to US government.

If you have applied for USA visa any time after 2007, your fingerprints would already have been taken by them at some or other point of US visa application process.

Remember, when you visit US embassy for visa interview, you fingerprints are taken a day ahead in some countries like India. Those fingerprints are referred to as ‘Ten Printing‘.

Have you been ten-printed on DS-160 form?

How do I know if I was ten printed is a common question while filling DS-160 form Q1 for H1B, B1/B2, H4 etc (or any other visa type) visa stamp.

Answer ‘NO‘ to this question on Form DS-160 if this is your first time application for any US visa.
If you have given any US visa interview earlier in any US embassy, you should answer ‘YES‘.

I do not remember if I was ten-printed?

Should I put ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on my DS-160?
If you do NOT remember that fingerprints were even taken, you can safely answer this as ‘NO‘.
Don’t worry, US embassy will take your fingerprints again and mark your profile as ten-printed.

10 printing – fingerprinting is done at OFC center

If you are outside USA and have applied for US visa for the first time, you will be 10 printed (or your 10 fingerprints) will be taken at OFC center before your Visa interview at US embassy (in your country).

DS 160 ten printing is different than the fingerprints that you send to FBI for police clearance certificate.


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  1. Balaji
    Balaji 25 Apr, 19 at 2:13 pm


    I went through your articles . I am in the same situation as Ajay. My extension is filed,I-94 expired awaiting results.I have personal emergency to go to india..since, i cannot come back as ext pettion is in progress ,i wanted to transfer my h1b . One of the employer is willing to initiate transfer I would like to travel to india once transfer is filed in premium.In this scenario the Bridge pettion(Extension) is till valid.Since , i am processing the transfer in premium will the Bridge pettion affect my transfer pettion?will there be any implication for these 2 pettions if i travel to india.
    Please let me know the possibility and risks in my case ..Many thanks..

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 25 Apr, 19 at 4:08 pm

      You have asked the question on wrong page. I have added your H1B transfer after i94 expiry to our forum and answered there.