H1B amendment + extension, transfer can work after 240 days

H1B Extension 240 Day Rule (After i94 Expiry Status)

  By Am22tech      Updated  26 Jun, 20

USCIS pending H1B Amendment + Extension, Transfer can work after 240 days of i94 expiry. H1B extension can stay but not work. Status is Period of Authorized stay.

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Address change while EAD is pending with USCIS

Change Home Address While EAD Pending with USCIS?

  By Am22tech      Updated  26 Jun, 20

Change mailing address for EAD before it is approved. Card will be sent to old address if address changes after approval. USPS mail forwarding does not work.

Maintain Canada PR with H1B job in USA?

USA H1B Salary – Working from Canada, India Remotely (Travel Ban?)

  By Am22tech      Updated  26 Jun, 20

H1B salary in USA using SSN while working remotely in India waiting for visa stamp or maintain Canada PR. H1B status lost on leaving US. File US tax return.

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Form 221g Blue, Yellow, White Reasons – Canada, Mexico, India

  By Am22tech      Updated  26 Jun, 20

Form 221g reasons by US embassy for visa issuance. Pending h1B amendment, Changing US address frequently, working in EVC model, F1 to H1B Stamping, Working in Nuclear Technology.

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US government tracks people who protest

How US gov Tracks people Who Protest – Including You!

  By Am22tech      Updated  25 Jun, 20

If you've ever participated in a protest or attended a gun show, US gov is likely tracking you without a warrant using Social media, phone calls & emails.

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Will Trump executive order force Indians out-of-USA?

Fact Check: Can Trump force H1B PERM Again? (for EB2, EB3)

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta      Updated  25 Jun, 20

Trump's executive order has asked DOL to work on framing new rules for PERM certification - EB2 and EB3. Recertification may be forced. Old PERMs may get useless.

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