html to pdf with iTextSharp

HTML to PDF using iTextSharp Library In Dot Net

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Sample code snippet for converting HTML to PDF format. It also considers image tags in the HTML and uses iTextSharp library.

Unspent Per Diem Allowance Received Abroad Are Taxable In India

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Unspent per diem allowance is taxable in India if you bring it back. Its considered a benefit that you should have spent and if not, it becomes your income.

Is it worth buying under construction property in India?

Is it Worth Buying Under-Construction Property in India?

 Updated  Finance

Rental costs, Possession delay cost and cost of de-graded quality of apartment are the risks associated with under-construction property purchase in India.

Cost of Home Apartment India - Basic Sale Price And Other Costs Explained

Cost of Home Apartment India – Basic Sale Price And Other Costs Explained

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An apartment cost in India consists of various components like BSP, EDC, IDC and many more hidden charges. We aim to clarify all the costs involved in this article.

Loan from public sector or private sector bank? Evaluate costs, loan process, after sales service with re-payment, pre-payment and flexibility

Loan From Government Bank Vs Private Bank – Whats The Difference?

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Public sector bank have better consumer related loan policies than private banks. In the long term, you would save a lot on interest with Government sector bank.

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