Australia skillselect 189 visa medical test

Australia PR Medical Test – 189, 190 Visa for Adult, Child

 5 May, 19 

Australia PR Medical test for TB, AIDS processing time 2 week. Pregnancy chest X ray after child birth. Health Insurance HSA card not allowed. Cost USD $350.

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Create new application for HAP ID

Generate HAP ID for Medical Before Submitting 189/190 Visa application

 4 May, 19 

Generate HAP ID for Medical before submitting 189/190 Visa application to save time. HAP ID referral letter needed for Doctor appointment from Immiaccount.

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Australia Visa Photo back signature with name

How to Scan Australia PR Photo for 189, 190 Visa

 1 May, 19 

Australia Visa photo size is 4.5cm x 3.5cm. Need 1 color scanned photo top uploading to immiaccount. Scan front & back view separately. Order photo online.

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Australia PR process steps for 189, 190 visa

How to Get Australia PR Easily- 189, 190 Visa

 30 Apr, 19 

Get Australia PR in skilled migration category 189, 190, 489 visa for 5 years. SkillSelect points calculator. Step by step process for ANZSCO code invitation.

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Sample FD 258 fingerprint form

Sample FD-258 Fingerprint Form for FBI Clearance

 29 Apr, 19 

Sample FD-258 Fingerprint Form - print on A4 white paper. Use black ink for taking fingerprints yourself or at US local Police station for use in FBI clearance.

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Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

 26 Apr, 19 

Sample experience letter for Australia 189, 190, 489 visa with Job role and responsibilities. Letter from colleague is acceptable with notarization.

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