Indian EB2 Green Card priority date movement prediction – 2019

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Indian EB-2 i485 make 97% of total pending applications

USCIS has shared real data on currently PENDING Green card applications that have already filed i485 form as of July 2018.

Number of people who have already filed their i-485 to adjust status to permanent resident.

EB2 BacklogIndiaChinaWorld (Includes India, China)
20104,677 (Jan-Apr)24,712

Only 227 cases of priority date of 2008 are pending for Indian EB2.
So, there are very good chances that Green card priority date will finish 2008 numbers in new season assuming no more EB3 to EB2 conversion have happened.

On the other hand, that Indian EB2 green card priority date queue might just touch the first couple of months in the new Green Card 2018-2019 season, as it did briefly in July 2018.

EB2 India pending green card applications
EB2 India pending green card applications

2009 EB2 India pending i485 – Take years to clear

As per official USCIS data, In 2017, only 2879 GCs were issued to EB2 India, which results in 150 years of waiting time in worst case for anyone filing their PERM today.

Going by the trend, the 10,831 cases pending for year 2009 means that it will take at-least 3-4 years to clear 2009 EB2 Indian backlog!

As a matter of fact, EB2 India has been just hovering around 2008 for last 4 years!

Compare with employment based Indian EB2 getting only 7% quota per year and 97% pending in just 2009!

Indian's hope of seeing a Green card in their whole life are getting dimmer each passing day!

EB2 India GC priority date prediction for 2019

Looking at the data as shared above, there are NO hopes of Indian EB2 GC queue even moving past Feb 2019 from Sep 2018 to Aug 2019 USCIS calendar.

Source: USCIS

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  1. How likely it is recommended to move from Eb2 to Eb3 if my Priorty date in November 2017

    • Do not move. Your priority date is about 100 years away. You have enough time to decide.

      • ha ha. Lets see if we alive to see. Average life time is 70 and if you are in IT then average age is 65. If you are brown, changes are there you will get bullet.
        so another 5 years life time.

  2. santosh vejja   18 Feb, 19 at 6:58 am

    We recently filed for i485 and my priority date is 08/18/2008 so what would be the likelyhood of getting green card