Renew Indian Minor Passport in USA – By Post BLS – Step by Step Process

 Updated  NRI

Renew Indian Minor passport in USA after 5 years with BLS. Steps to fill forms, documents required and processing times. Total 5 photos required for reissue.

Speed Up WordPress on IIS Windows WP Super Cache

 Updated  Tech Tips

Speed up Wordpress on Windows IIS by using URL rewrite rules. Reverse proxy behavior like Squid and Varnish. Fetch WP Super Cache files directly.

Perquisite value of company leased accomodation

Tax on Company Leased Accomodation – CLA Perquisite Value

 Updated  Finance

Calculate Company Leased Accommodation tax. Complex CLA rules for income tax in easy terms. HRA vs CLA decision should be made to get maximum tax benefits.

Best Remit Rate to India USD to INR exchange rate

 Updated  Finance

Best remit rate to India is offered by Indus Ind bank over 3-5 days USD to INR money exchange service. Service tax is deducted from your remittance.

Two Adsense Accounts on Same WebSite

 Updated  Blogging tips

Two or more Adsense accounts on same website are allowed by Google Ad policies. Multiple Ads on same page with different publisher ID are fine too.

html to pdf with iTextSharp

HTML to PDF using iTextSharp Library In Dot Net

 Updated  Tech Tips

Sample code snippet for converting HTML to PDF format. It also considers image tags in the HTML and uses iTextSharp library.

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