Have you been ten printed?

Am I Ten Printed Meaning for DS-160 form US Visa

 29 Nov, 18 

Ten printed means both hand's 10 finger prints taken by US government. Form DS-160 - NO if first time US visa. Else, say 'YES'. Don't remember, answer 'NO'.

H1B visa does not qualify you fro driving Uber / Lyft

Drive Uber or Lyft Taxi on H1B visa in USA?

 27 Nov, 18 

Drive Uber on H1B or F1 student visa is violation of your status. Tech job in Uber or Lyft with approved H1B allowed. OPT/CPT cannot drive Uber. H4 EAD can.


How to file US Tax on NRE Interest 1099-INT

 27 Nov, 18 

File NRE account interest in USA tax return. Exchange rate for USD conversion by IRS. 1099-INT is not given by Indian bank. NRE NRO FD interest is taxable.

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Multiple h1b jobs at the same time with concurrent h1b

Concurrent H1B allows Multiple H1B Jobs at the same time

 27 Nov, 18 

Concurrent H1B allows worker to be employed by several employers concurrently (at the same time). Multiple H1b jobs can be in completely different fields and full time. All concurrent h1b should be based on primary H1B. Primary H1B employer does not need to be informed about concurrent H1B.

When am I out of Status in USA?

When am I Out of Status in USA?

 27 Nov, 18 

i94 expiry makes you out of status in USA. File visa extension before i94 expiry to stay. Unlawful presence starts after i94 expiry with no valid visa status.


EB2 India Predictions – 20 years average wait time, 151 years worst case

 27 Nov, 18 

EB2 India Predictions for Green card is average of 20 years with worst case as 151 years wait time. 2879 GC issued to EB2 India in 2017-18 counted separately for each person.

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